Islamic Studies

Importance of Studying Islamic Studies

People have linked Islamic studies to various controversies in the past few years. These include intolerance, violence, and misogyny. According to the stats, Muslims constitute 24.7% of the world’s population. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that there are no myths associated with Islam.

Regardless of your religion, it is an ethical responsibility to confirm the myths before spreading fall allegations. It’ll be easy to overcome misconceptions with the help of studying Islamic studies.

This article will focus on people’s incorrect thoughts about Islam and the importance of studying Islamic studies online to clarify these myths.

How Did Salman Rushdie affect the Sentiments of Muslims and Massively Affect the Image of Islam?

Salman Rushdie is the writer of the novel ‘The Satanic Verses. He released this novel in 1988 with the characters associated with Muslims’ Last Prophet (SAW). Since it is a great offence to the Muslim culture and Islam, all the Muslims worldwide declared a fatwa, stating to kill him.

Moreover, people are linking the fatwa with the recent attack on Salman Rushdie. They think Muslims are behind it. They are trying to link terrorism and violence with Islam. However, Muslims protect their religion from being falsely presented to the world. They are also concerned about presenting the wrong images of their beloved messenger of Allah.

Islam is a Religion of Peace!

Among all the primary missions of Islam, bringing peace to the world is one of them. Islam’s focus is peace, and any path associated with creating a disturbance can never be a part of Islamic studies.

Some of the Islamic studies associated with the spreading of peace are:

1.    Islam’s Essence is Peace

Those who have taken Quran online classes will know what Allah says in Quran. Allah s.w.t says, “Enter Islam wholeheartedly and do not follow the teaching of Satan as he is your enemy.” (Al-Baqarah, 2:208)

In the above verse, Allah s.w.t told Muslims to follow Islam’s path with peace and dignity as Satan wants to misguide them.

2.    Respond to Aggression with Peace

Last Prophet (SAW) taught the Muslims to reply to everyone with peace regardless a person is in anger or showing aggression.

Al-Quran says: “And Allah’s servants walk easily and whenever someone addresses with ignorance, reply to them politely, don’t say harshly.” (Al-Furqan 25:63)

3.    Spread Peace

Allah s.w.t said to spread peace among humanity and be kind and merciful with everyone.

Once Last Prophet (SAW) said, “Allah is not merciful for those who are not merciful to mankind.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari)

Importance of Study Islamic Studies

The increasing influence of social media has made it difficult to stop spreading myths associated with Islam. Therefore, studying Islamic teaching can be the only way to stop spreading false accusations and correct them immediately.

Some of the basic benefits of online Quran teachers and Islamic Studies are:

  1. It builds the foundation of basic life rules.
  2. It can educate a person to learn the right Islamic teachings.
  3. It teaches individuals to live in peace and be kind to humanity.

Wrapping Up!

Islam is a religion that promotes a culture of equality, peace, and hope. If you want a good society and teach moral values to your kids. Moreover, teach them the basics of Islam so that they understand the pain and grief of everyone. Also, educate them about the correct and authentic Islamic teachings.

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