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Quran Memorization

Quran Memorization

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The act of memorizing the Quran is a unique way of preserving Allah’s verses. The Perfect Book Of Allah has been preserved for hundreds of years. Because Allah says, ” Indeed it is We who sent down the message ( The Quran), and Indeed we will be its protector.

Indeed the Quran Kareem is perhaps the only book that has been memorized entire by millions of Muslims. One main purpose of doing so is to correctly and most fully transfer the messages of Allah(Quran) to future generations. This cycle began with our Prophet Muhammad’s ( peace be upon him) advice when securing information and important matters by writing wasn’t so common. Thus Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) recites each verse of Allah’s message, and the Prophet & his companions learn those Ayah (verses) by heart. That’s how Quran memorization came into existence.

Quran memorization is known as “Hifz,” & the person who does so is known as “Hafiz/Hafizah.” In this, Hafiz/Hafizah memorized the Holy Book of Allah both accurately & symbolically. Thus the person gets the understanding, knowledge, and training verbally. This endeavor needs effort, sacrifice, and sincere intention.

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Course Details

Are you intended to memorize Quran online or Quran recitation online by Quranrecital Academy?

Let’s start with us!

Quran memorization course is scientifically designed for males, females & kids. It is one of the most sought-after courses among Quran lessons online that people aspire to join. Quran memorization course is especially for whom desire to memorize Quran Kareen by heart or attain the perfection of reciting Quran Kareem with correct pronunciation(Makharij).

People are attempting to enroll in this Quran memorizing course because it has been designed with highly updated linguistic and streamlined methods to get the foremost advantage. In this course, we give extra attention to correcting the pronunciation ( Makharij) & diction so that learning every verse and its proper recitation becomes the easiest and most accurate.

Quranrecital Academy offers you the options for the Quran Classes online to choose from the given technique of memorizing the Quran.

  1. Sabak method
  2. Para Sabak
  3. Halaqah Dauri
  4. Ammokhtar

Though, Quran memorization online course doesn’t have any specifications for age limits. Pupils of any age, adult or kids, men or women, can be enrolled in this course. When in fact, kids have more capacity to absorb all the information and learn that pronunciation effortlessly than adults. However, it is never too late scenario of becoming Hafiz/Hafizah. We await your entrance to enlist yourself and your loved ones in the Quran memorization course online.

Whereas memorizing Quran is not an easy mission. It needs patience, continuous efforts, and a sincere preference to become a Hafiz ul Quran. And the enthusiastic attitude for continuous revision after the full accomplishment of Memorization of the Quran.

By the end of this course, you will be able to;

  • Recite Quranic Ayah( verses), even an entire para or Surah, by heart.
  • Learn Quran memorizing methods.
  • Know all names of Surah & para.
  • After hearing any ayah(verse), you can tell from which para and surah that verse.


Quranrecital Acadamy only appoints committed and enthusiastic teachers for Quran memorization courses who have the mastery skills and know the modernized techniques for Quran memorization online. Every teacher on our platform is certified by the Al-Azhar University with Ijazah in teaching the Quran. Our Hafiz/Hafizah teachers know better solutions for the problems the pupil may face while memorizing Quran online.