Quranic Tajweed

The recitation of the Quran is not limited to just speaking the words, one must understand their meaning and try to grasp what Allah is saying to them. Mastering the Arabic language is one of the best aids in this endeavor.

Correctly pronouncing each word with the correct articulation points is a major part of reciting the Quran with tajweed. Each word and phrase must have proper timing in accordance with the pronunciation.

Course Details:

This course: Tajweed for beginners aims to teach the students the proper rules and sounds of the Quranic verses. The perfect recitation can only be achieved through a proper teacher and practicing the rules.

This course will help with:

  • Nasal sounds
  • Meem as Saakinah
  • Laam as Saakinah
  • Hamzah
  • The Connecting and cutting Hamzah
  • The Silent and Pronounced Alif
  • Noon as tanween
  • Makhaarij Al-Huroof
  • Sifaat-al-Huroof
  • Levels of Tafkheem
  • Ahkaam Al-Madd
  • Qalqalah

Anyone who has performed a basic study of the Quran can easily be able to understand and grasp the correct articulation of the letters. A basic knowledge of the Arabic language is required for this course.

Learning Outcomes:

This Tajweed classes online were designed to help students achieve a better level of recitation of the Quran. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Understand the basic meanings of simple words
  2. Have proper pronunciation of the Arabic words
  3. Be able to recite the Quran with proper dictation


The rules of articulation are comprehensive and complex. Therefore, it is essential that a person learns tajweed from a qualified teacher and has studied the Holy Quran with tajweed himself/herself, so you can hear it correctly and be corrected.