Islam About Tolerance and Equality

What Does Islam Say About Tolerance and Equality?

According to Western culture, all the good things that happen around them are because of them. They think they are why people are experiencing the benefits of technology. They have no defined concept of tolerance and equality and why a person should respect others’ existence.

However, Allah grants these rights and lessons of tolerance in Islam. The legislative assemblies do not give these rights. Tolerance and equality are the fundamental pillars of Islam that teach the Muslims the culture of living in a society.

Continue reading this article until the end to know how BBC presenter Nicky Campbell witnessed abuse. Later, learn how online Quran teachers teach tolerance and equality to Muslims.

How BBC Representative Nicky Campbell Faced Abuse?

According to Nicky, he was the victim of abuse in a Scottish private school in 1970. Recently, he appeared on the podcast BBC Sounds, where he explained how he witnessed physical and sexual abuse in school.

His mom reacts as fast as she can when he tells her about the physical abuse. After the statement by Nicky, the school representatives apologized sincerely for what happened to him in the 1970s. Also, they ensure to contact the authorities to inspect the matter thoroughly; things have changed since 1970.

Concept of Tolerance in Islam

In Islam, tolerance refers to respect or bearing the diversity of cultures, traditions, and other religions. It is the fundamental moral practice of every Muslim. Tolerance does not mean we do not believe Islam is the final edition of divine faith. Or that we do not believe in the message of Islam.

It means that everyone is free to express their thoughts and beliefs without fear of being judged. Moreover, it also states that everyone can have their appearance, behavior, and values and have the right to implement them.

Subsequently, the Quran also defines no individual is superior to another based on color, race, customs, language, or ethnicity. Shariah recognizes the life of every individual with honor and conscience.

Concept of Equality in Islam

According to the teachings of Islam, all individuals are equal in Allah Almighty sight. There are different based on their wealth, ambitions, and scope in life, but for Allah, all have the same rights.

In the Quran lessons online, Allah says, ‘O mankind! We have created you from female and male and divided you into nations so that you may have known each other. Undoubtedly, the most honored in the sight of Allah is the one who is the most righteous. Indeed, Allah is Acquainted and Knowing’ (Quran 49:13)

Islam teaches that no nation or individual is created to rule or rise above another. For Allah, the worth of a person is determined by a person’s acts, not by his color, race, or social status.

Final Words

Someone asked the last Prophet of Allah, ‘who will be favored by Allah among all the men?‘ He replied, ‘A person who does good to people.’

Therefore, Islamic study online clearly states that no person is superior to another. Islam teaches to develop a tolerance for everyone and treat everyone with equality.

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