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Allah has provided every Muslim with instructions and specific precepts in the Quran. As followers of the religion, it’s our responsibility to converse and relay every life decision we make by understanding the precepts of the Quran.

However, it’s impossible for you to do that without being able to understand what the book says. At Quran Recital, our job is to make you a scholar and a follower of the Quran in right standing.

To do this, we provide comprehensive and clear Arabic lessons, as well as introductions to the Quran.

We understand that there are a lot of people who would love to learn how to read the Quran, but who might not be able to because of a limited understanding of Arabic – a language which, in all regard, can be a tad challenging to understand. Our job is to ensure that all mysteries of the language are treated, thus helping you to gain a proper understanding of it – and the Quran itself as well.

Have you ever asked yourself why we fast in Ramadan specially?

What I Will Learn Through the Best Online Quran Classes For Adults?


Reciting Quran With Tajweed Rules

Reciting Quran With Tajweed Rules

Importance of Learning Quran

Allah SWT has blessed mankind with many blessings. All one has to do is to take a look around himself; The very air he breathes and the food he eats is provided to him for his nourishment and growth by Allah SWT. In return for these countless blessings, all that Allah SWT demands from man is absolute obedience and submission to his will.

To get to know what the divine will is, can easily be deduced if one devotes his time to learn Quran i.e. the Word of God. There are numerous ways of learning Quran Arabic online but only a few of them actually allow you to learn to recite Quran with Tajweed. Similarly there are countless Quran teachers but only a select few out of all of the Quran teachers focus on Tajweed. 

Learning to recite Quran with Tajweed has never been easier as there are multiple online sources at your disposal and most come with a free trial

Reciting Quran Properly 

A lot of people recite Quran but they ignore proper Tajweed and end up not getting the most out of their efforts or in extreme cases, even end up blaspheming! Tajweed itself means to read but in a beautiful way in which every letter is pronounced properly with its distinct rules. 

Basic Rules of Tajweed 

Given below are a few important rules of Tajweed that must be followed to enhance the experience of reciting Quran. 

Having Respect for Quran

This is a n important prerequisite for reciting Quran. Not just the body but also the heart and mind of the person aiming to learn Quran must be pure of mind and devoid of all negative thoughts.

External Preparation

The place chosen for recitation must not have any unnecessary noise or distractions. It must also be neat and tidy. The clothes and body of both the person going to learn Quran and the Quran teacher, if any, must be clean.

Mastery of the Makharij-Ul-Huroof

The Makharij-Ul-Huroof are the regions of the mouth, nose and throat from where sounds of certain characters (Huroof) are to be spoken in the classical Arabic language. This is a fundamental and highly essential step in beautifying your recitation through Tajweed.

Mastery of the Sifaat-Ul-Huroof

The word sifaat is derived from Sift which means quality or characteristic. The characteristics of each letter of the Arabic language must be memorized and taken special care of when reciting Quran.

Noon Sakin

The Noon or Noon-Sakinah are the vowels that produce an elongated “nnnn”sound after it. There are about four ways of pronouncing them.

Meem Saakin

Similar to Noon-Sakinah is the Meem-Sakinah. These are the vowels that produce an elongated “mmmm”sound after it. These have 3 types.


The final basic rule is that of Muddood. It relates to the different sorts of pauses that be observed while reciting Quran and the places where each sort must be adhered.


The rules of Tajweed are well defied but explicit to the Arabic language so for example if you’re taking Quran classes in English, then these do not apply to you.

If, however, you’re familiar with Islamic Studies and the history of Islam, you would knoe the importance places on Tajweed not just by the Holy Prophet PBUH but also his close followers and most renowned scholars. 

Why You Should Pay to get the Best Online Quran Classes?

First of all the payment is a commitment between the tutor and the student both of them have been committed to attend on time because of the money.

Second, the world isn’t for free anymore, You pay for any service and you don’t hesitate to pay to watch a movie or at a beauty salon to get the best service.

Third, To improve the Quranic service and to have a systematic progress paid classes is the best deal than waiting for a free time might not appropriate for you or your adults.

As you pay bills for your internet and phone, Games, Etc , Paying money to take the online Quran classes is the most beneficial investment in your life as you invest your money in al Akhirah

What Do You Expect From Our Best Online Quran Classes for Adults and Your Kids?

To join our online Quran recital classes you will have a private tutor qualified to teach you the correct recitation and reading of the holey Quran.

Quran Recital offers a FREE trial so you can attend your online class with the tutor and live the experience without paying money in advance. It’s an easy step, all that you need to do is book a Free Trial and pick the time and go online with your teacher to see our best online Quran classes.

Quran Recital promises you to have a great experience with the tutor who is an expert and has been teaching for many years online so your tutor has the ability to figure out what exactly you want to learn in the online class.

We have reached many students whole over the world and Quran Recital was able to achieve the goal which is teaching the recitation of Quran Kareem for kids and females with affordable prices in their homes and without the needs of the car to get them to the mosque or the institute. Easily female students or children can watch their online Quran Classes via tablet or the smartphone.

Our Best Online Quran Classes for Adults are Recorded

Online classes and all Online lessons Quran Recital, Arabic or Islamic studies through Quran Recital are recorded so you can re-play your online class again and again to remember and to review your lesson.

Tutors who are working with Quran Recital using many materials and Graphics charts through their online class with the student to make the online 30 minutes lesson or the hour of the lesson very interactive and make the tuition progress interesting.

Quran Recital provides Arabic lessons online via Skype and Zoom without any restrictions to join our courses.

Why Quran Recital is the Most Successful and Best Academy to Learn Kids Arabic?

  • Quran Recital’s Arabic teachers are qualified to handle online classes with non-Arabic children, with joy and fun sessions.
  • You don’t have to waste time to go with your kids to the tutor. Whenever you apply for our best online Quran classes for adults our qualified tutor will be available to teach your kids.
  • An easy to use Skype or Zoom which can be controlled by the parents and you can attend the class with your child too.
  • Quran Recital taught more than 5000 kids around the world so Quran Recital knows how to teach your kid online.
  • Safety -your kids having their class front of your eyes and without leaving the house as the tutor teaching kids remotely with funny and interactive ways.
  • Quran Recital provides Arabic and Quran lessons for kids and females without charging money for gasoline or transportation.
  • Homework and activities- After each Arabic or Quran lesson, Tutor helps your kid in his/her homework too.
Quran Recital offers bunch of options to choose which course is fitting your needs

Best Online Quran Reading Course For Adults and Kids

Quran Recital provides remote lessons for Males, Females, and kids all over the world in English and Arabic.

Learning how to read and to recite the Quran correctly is a challenge with a strong volition .

Quran Recital provides varieties and Felix-able online classes and plans to fit all student’s needs .

The Quran education through online Virtual classrooms is more effective than classes in person .

Quran Recital is hiring only certified tutors and teachers who has experience in handling online lessons and familiar with the virtual classes and remotely work.

Consistent educational progress and professional teachers are big deal to have when you join Quran Recital. Instructors offer this education through personalized, one-on-one, online lessons that are suitable for the student — Plus online Quran classes for adults, kids, and special needs.

Best Online Quran Classes For Adults & Kids
Best Online Quran Reading Course For Adults & Kids

Quran Recital provides Arabic courses and best online Quran classes with an Arabic native certified and expert to learn with the most convenient way .

Book our best online Quran Classes for Adults as a FREE trial Now with Quran Recital and enjoy the recitation of the holey Quran correctly like the professionals.

  • Al-Nouraniah foundation – is the first course for any child wanting to learn Quran. This course will make your kid learn how to pronounce the letters and joining them together to have a correct word with systematic process.
  • Quran Recital provides an electronic book with audio to make the learning way easy and joyful for your kids.
  • The online tutor will teach your kid the accent marks vowels above and underneath the letters.
  • Basics of Tajweed, Your child learn some of the signs of tajweed through his reading the verses with perfect pronunciation.
  • Quran Recital learning kids from scratch how to read the Quran via online classes and in a very short time via video and audio apps make it easy for the Quran tutor and your child to interact and learn.
  • Quran Recital offers Tajweed course remotely which it means you can book your class online and choose the perfect time for you.
  • Phonetics is closer to tajweed but online Quran classes for adults with tajweed will help you to learn the correct reading and sounds of the koran Kareem.

Learn Online Quran with our Professional Arabic Teachers

All our online Quran Classes and courses for kids are one on one. You can book your trial that suits your own schedule. Whatever your age you are welcome to start your class now.

Join our students around the world. We have students +70 years old, new reverted and special needs.

Quran Recital hires experienced Females Quran tutors with “Ijaza” to teach sisters and little girls so they can study their online Quran classes smoothly with female Quran experts online.

Our female teachers have full knowledge of Hafs and Sho’baa. They have high ability to edit your pronunciation mistakes with tajweed rules as prophet Muhammad “PB UH” had taught through Jebreel.

With our best online Quran Classes for adults, we want to show you the proper techniques for reciting the Quran. Not because God (Allah in Arabic) would punish you for doing it incorrectly, or others would look down on you if you say something wrong, but when you decide you want to recite the Quran, it’s like playing an instrument in a classical music piece. You want to get each part of it just right so that it moves others from hearing your rendition, as it moved you when you heard it. Refining your skills with reciting helps you to express the Quran in an almost musical way, and with the precision of classical music.

With our best online Quran Classes for adults, we want to teach you the proper pronunciation of Arabic. This goes beyond the Quran, into the study of the structure of the Arabic language itself. Arabic expression varies greatly compared to other languages, and many people get lost due to how the speaker connects ideas in Arabic. We want to help you gain the ability to easily recognize the word structure and relational logic so you don’t have any issue understanding and pronouncing Arabic, no matter if your native language is Russian, English, Chinese, or any one of the rest of the world’s languages.