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Dream of memorizing the Quran online? And loved to learn every Basic of Islam? Enroll Quranrecital!

A leading name for learning Quran recitation online, Tajweed for beginners, Islamic study online, online Arabic courses & much more to acquire Islamic Knowledge.

“The seeking of knowledge is mandatory for Muslims. And indeed, The Holy Book of the Quran is the bluster of knowledge & guidance.”

Allah sends us countless blessings, but all of the above, he revealed the Quran Kareem. Indeed it is errors-free & everlasting. Nothing is more beautiful & unique than Quran & Islam in the whole world.

Begin learning Quran and Islamic Study Online From now!

Register yourself and your kids today. The Quranrecital Academy has made it hassle-free. An extremely simple set of steps to register yourself and you’re loved ones for Tajweed classes online, Quran lessons Online, Islamic study online, Online Arabic lessons, and more!

We dream of setting the bar in the world of online Quran teaching!

Are you striving for an authentic platform to begin your and your kid’s Quranic and Islamic education? The wait is over! The Quranrecital Academy has covered all your intentions!

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We have the excel knowledge to grant the best Quran classes online, tajweed for beginners, online Arabic courses & Arabic lessons for beginners, and Islamic study online, including Tafseer, Tarteel & Quran Transportation.
arabic lessons for beginners
If you want to know what is Ramadan, and why it's the month of the Book Now >>
How it works
At QURANRECITAL Academy, you can lay down your worry about properly learning Quranic teachings or Book Now >>
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Quranrecital is an internationally proven online Islamic institute in which we help people learn the Book Now >>
Tafsi Quran
Quran memorization is known as Hifz. It means to look out and learn the Quran Book Now >>
The recitation of the Quran is not limited to just speaking the words, one must Book Now >>
Islam is a complete code of life. It imparts the message of knowledge, peace, unity, Book Now >>
The arabic language is one of the most unique and beautiful languages of the world. Book Now >>
Quran Classes for Kids - Quran Recital
Quran online Classes for Kids - Quran Recital | Learning to read and recite the Book Now >>
Quran Ijazah - quran recital
Ijazah (إِجازَة) is an Arabic word, which means Authorization, endorsement, or permission. Ijazah is a Book Now >>

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One-On-One Classes

It's time to enjoy the bustle of learning with a highly qualified teacher in one-on-one sessions. Learn tajweed for beginners and Quran classes online, Islamic study online, Arabic lessons for beginners, memorize Quran online, and lots more with knowledgeable teachers & feel comfortable asking questions.

Completion Certificates

Make yourself more valued! At every successful accomplishment of courses, you acquire certification for completing that course.

Flexible Scheduling

No more waiting for a suitable time! Quranrecital offers flexible time scheduling. Now start your classes at any suitable convenient time.

24/7 Learn Online

Our team is highly committed to serving 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. Now enjoy smooth processing of learning on high convince!

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Students Reviews

What our students say about Quran recital Academy!


Rated 5 out of 5
October 20, 2021

Quran teacher are excellent and has improved my recitation Alhamdullilah. Really good price compare to the service they provide. Teachers are also flexible in emergencies. Overall, teaching is amazing!

Avatar for Afruja Aktar
Afruja Aktar


Rated 5 out of 5
October 19, 2021

Allhamdhullilah my daughter has improved her Quran reading a lot. They are very friendly, helpful and kind! They teach my daughter techniques on how to improve her reading. Overall, they are amazing!

Avatar for Khanom