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Can a Woman Read the Quran During Menses? Islamic studies online

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A woman in her period can read the Quran, there is no hadith against it

The woman that still bleeds after birth is impure.

However, the junubs, the Junubs are those who are impure due to seminal discharge. They cannot  recite the Quran until they have performned ghusl.

The junubs can be purified quickly. They will only have a bath.

There are proofs that a woman in her menses can read the Quran, we will explore that in this article.

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some scholars show proof that a woman in her menses can read the Quran. Ibn Taymiyah and al-Shawkani confirmed Ahmad and Malik proof as correct.

They gave backing to their proofs, these are the proofs below


  • In the times of the Prophet, the prophet of Peace, Women menstruated
  • Prophet Muhammad did not stop these women from readingh the Quran. he did not stop them from ptaying to Allah
  • Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah said there is no clear hadith that a woman in her menses cannot read the Quran
  • The woman cannot control her condition, anyone in a  state of janabah can easily remove their hinderance through ghusl before prayer time,
  • A woman in her menses is privileged to read the Quran since she did not bring the condition upon herself
  •  It can deny her of her rewards. She can forget some things in the book of Allah for her guidance
  • Allah, (Glorified) commands Muslims to read and recite the Quran, He promised the obedient a good reward.  Allah exempts only those with solid evidence (dalil). There is no clear evidence against women in their period reading the Quran

There is a contrary idea that a woman in her menses is impure, that she is in a state of  jannabah

The evidences are more stronger than this idea, This means a woman can read the Quran in her menses

But, this begs the question if a woman can touch the Quran during menses


Can a Woman Touch the Quran During Menstruation?


A woman in her menses can only recite the Quran from memory, When she wants to read but she should not touch the Quran,

she can only read from afar or from memory

She can place the Quran on a stand that will be some distance away from her

No one in a state of impurity can touch the Quran, it is a Holy Book

The Prophet wrote to the people of yemen and said to them that  no one should touch the Quran except one who is tahir (pure).

Women that are not pure can read and recite the Quran from memory or afar. Holy hands alone can touch the Holy Book

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