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Things We Are Doing - About Us

Quranrecital—the best choice to learn Quran recitation online, the Arabic language, correct pronunciation & Islamic study online.

Quranrecital Academy is awarded as the best platform for learning Quran recitation online. We are a leading organization that easily grants Tajweed classes online, Islamic studies, and Online Arabic Courses. Get the best online tutor to learn Tajweed for beginners, Tafseer, Tarteel, Arabic translation, Islamic education & Quran recitation online.

God’s message, “Oh, Muslims, The best persons among you are those who learn Quran & teach Quran to others.”

Quranrecital is the No.1 and internationally best online Quran & Islamic teaching institute acclaimed for providing interesting Quran lessons online and other Islami & Arabic courses.

A group of mastery professors manages our organization in Islamic & Quranic Education with applauded grip on the Arabic language. Besides the expert professors team, We have the best online Quran teachers with the mastery skills to understand students’ capacity and ability. Our qualified professional online Quran teachers will greatly work on the pupil’s Arabic pronunciation (Makharij) and Tajweed to make it easy to learn & memorize Quran online.


Our Mission

The Quranrecital Academy set itself on a mission to create an interactive and easy educational platform of the Holy Quran & and Islam for kids and adults. Though the numerous environmental hurdles and challenges related to jobs, society, and the area where you live hindering you from learning Quran and Islamic studies. We, our professors and scholars, bowed our heads in the services of Allah. 

Allah has sent us The Perfect Book(Kitab-e-Kamil), in which he has stated all the rules & regulations (Ahkamat) to live & manners of spending lives in every situation. Hence, our mission is to help our Muslim brothers & sisters to get a complete understanding of The perfect Book and Islamic rules.

Our distinctive way of teaching and an excellent set of courses and curriculum teaches by the devoting team make every session engaging, interesting, and even fun to learn. It helps the pupil a quick gain an understanding of the Quran and Islam.

Our Vision

We want to see all Muslims across the world know Islam properly. Allah has gifted us with the everlasting and living miracle in the shape of his final Holy Scripture Book. The Perfect Book has no matches and is free from errors. We have the vision to set Quranrecital Academy as the world’s biggest and best online Quran teaching institution. You learn Quran recitation online, take tajweed classes online, and get the best sessions for Islamic study online.

Our teacher selection criteria are based on knowledge, wisdom, and proficiency in Quranic & Islamic teaching skills. We select devoted teachers who can make every class engaging, interesting, and high on concept clearance. Additionally, their influencing skills motivate and encourage the pupils to improve their mastery of learning the Quran and Islam.