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Quranrecital the best way to learn Arabic & Quran Online

Quranrecital Academy is one of the leading and internationally acclaimed online Quran teaching institutes. We excel at providing best online Quran classes including Tafseer, Tarteel, Translation and Islamic studies.

Our classes are equipped with state-of-the-art technological tools. We regularly make use of PowerPoint presentations and white board animations so that students can learn difficult concepts easily. Therefore, our classes are interactive and engaging for kids as well as adults.

We are honored to say that our academy helps newly converted Muslims in understanding Islam better. Our highly qualified scholars ensure that students grasp all the concepts to the fullest. Students can enjoy flexible schedules and benefit from personalized attention.


Our Mission

We,at the Quranrecital Academy, have bowed down our heads in the service of Allah. The guidance of mankind would be redundant had God not sent a book in which all His rules and instructions are clearly stated. Subsequently, when a person sets foot unto the path of monotheism and seeks guidance, they would need a manual whose authenticity and endurance are reliable for reference.

It is our mission to guide our Muslim brothers and sisters on this path to divinity. Our distinctive curriculum and excellent teaching staff will help students gain insight about Islam and the Quran.

Our Vision

The Quran is the final Holy Scripture of Allah. It is an everlasting and living miracle, not only because it is free from error but also due to its matchless beauty, inimitable eloquence and unique style.

We dream to set the bar in the world of online Quran teaching. We select  teachers based on their knowledge. Moreover,  their interpretational skills inspire students to increase their proficiency in studying the Quran more and more.