Tafsi Quran

Quran Memorization

Quran Memorization Intention for Quran memorization? Join Quranrecital Academy. They are offering to memorize Quran online! The act of memorizing the Quran is a unique way of preserving Allah’s verses. The Perfect Book Of Allah has been preserved for hundreds of years. Because Allah says, ” Indeed it is We who sent down the message …

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Quranic Tajweed

The recitation of the Quran is not limited to just speaking the words, one must understand their meaning and try to grasp what Allah is saying to them. Mastering the Arabic language is one of the best aids in this endeavor. Correctly pronouncing each word with the correct articulation points is a major part of …

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Islamic Studies

Islamic Study Online By Quranreciral Academic; the leading association for all types of Islamic Education. Islamic study is the No.1 Crucial thing in the life of us Muslims. Of course, it’s a right of every Muslim that they learn Islam & convey the right Islamic Knowledge to their children. People, especially parents, children, and women, …

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Arabic Language

Intended to get an online Arabic course? Quranrecital Academy is the dominating teaching Association emerging as the first choice all across the world. Learning a new language is always an exciting project for everyone. But doubtlessly Arabic language is the most unique and glorious language on earth. Arabic is the most prosperous, peaceful, and heart-touching …

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Quran Classes for Kids - Quran Recital

Quran Classes for Kids

Are you striving for an online Quran teacher for your kids? Quranrecital Academy has all you aspire for in your kid’s Islamic & Quranic Education. Please join َQuran lessons online for kids now! Our kids are the future; feeding and fulling their all needs are not enough. The essential role of being parents is their …

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Quran Ijazah - quran recital

Quran Ijazah

Ijazah (إِجازَة) is an Arabic word, which means Authorization, endorsement, or permission. Ijazah is a certificate used primarily by Sunni Muslims to indicate that one has been authorized by a certified Imam or Sheikh who already holds Ijazah to teach the Holy Quran. The purpose of Ijazah is to establish narration with a chain of …

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