Islamic Studies

Islamic Study Online By Quranreciral Academic; the leading association for all types of Islamic Education.

Islamic study is the No.1 Crucial thing in the life of us Muslims. Of course, it’s a right of every Muslim that they learn Islam & convey the right Islamic Knowledge to their children.

People, especially parents, children, and women, are facing the dilemma that they can not get the focused and specific time and right association to learn the right practices of Islam, especially when living in the Western culture and environment. Generally, people assimilate into the culture and environment very quickly where they used to live and relinquish their Islamic Identity, faith, and cultural practices. 

Quranreciral Academy is the dominating association for Islamic study online & lots more Quranic, Arabic, and Islamic educational prospects. However, Islam is not only a belief; Islam is the perfect requirement to spend life. It teaches us about all living scenarios and gives the message of knowledge, unity, peace, love, care & charity. It is the only religion that is based on monotheism. Every follower of the Islamic Religion is bonded to belief and practice. It emphasizes unity & harmony.

Requirements for Course

Joining the Islamic Study online course by Quranreciral Academy is extremely easy. There are no beginning specifications, the requirement for special courses, the need for a professional background or mastery skills, and no aptitude test to enroll in the Islamic Study online course. The only requirement is your sentiments and desire to learn Islam for you and your loved one.

Who is Eligible to Join Course

Adult And children both can Sign up  For Islamic Study Online Course. It is recommended that children should be at least five years of age to enroll in this course. It would be best to join the Islamic Study online course and satisfy their heart and soul by gaining knowledge about Islam and its history & learning the right practice of spending life according to Islam.

Course Details

Islam greatly emphasizes attaining knowledge and wisdom. Our last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) commanded knowledge and wisdom upon all Muslims. He instructed Muslims to seek knowledge as far as they could reach and always crave knowledge. The first verse of Our Holy Book, ‘The Quran,’ came down on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was ‘Iqra,’ which means ‘to read.’  The perfect book emphasizes humans to read, write, learn, ponder, think over and attain knowledge. Because that’s the only way to take humanity closer to God and enable you to understand God’s wonderful creations.

All Muslims are insisted on living their whole life by Islamic rules. Hence, it is mandatory to learn the theology of Islam. The Islamic Study Online Course offered by Quranreciral covers all the crucial characteristics of religious studies. That includes:

  • Fiqh
  • Aqaid
  • Hadith
  • Islamic History
  • Tafseer e Quran

Further advanced courses in the above categories are also available for interested students.

Course Objective

This course will give you strength on:

  • Proper understanding of basic Islam.
  • Enhance the deep religious connection.
  • Good understanding of the Quran & Tafseer.
  • A better understanding of conceptual belief.


Our appointed teachers for the Islamic study online courses are well-known scholars of Al-Azhar University. They are polished scholars for teaching the Arabic language, Islamic History, and Religious and Cultural backgrounds. The course is specially designed for great understanding for beginners,  kids, and youngsters. Our teachers ( male/female) are highly qualified, trained, and skilled to teach online to every age of pupils.

Our professional and wise professors proficiently design advanced courses for the interested students of the mentioned categories. Every course is formulated to deliver every detail in the shortest time and with maximum results.