Arabic Language

Intended to get an online Arabic course? Quranrecital Academy is the dominating teaching Association emerging as the first choice all across the world.

Learning a new language is always an exciting project for everyone. But doubtlessly Arabic language is the most unique and glorious language on earth. Arabic is the most prosperous, peaceful, and heart-touching language in Islam because the Holy Book of Islam, “Quran Kareem,” descended on the earth for humankind in this beautiful language. All the Muslim communities worldwide have intensified their desire to learn Arabic for the love of Islam, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and Understanding of the ” Quran Kareem.”

Arabic Language Course

This online Arabic course is precisely designed for all individuals and groups (adults & kids) to generate a good understanding of Arabic sentence-making structures, correct pronunciations, and reading and writing abilities. This well-structured course will help you establish complete conversational fluency without hesitation.

The online Arabic Course is divided into two parts. The first one is an Arabic course for beginners, and the second one is an Advance Arabic course.

At Beginner Stage

The Quranrecital Academy offers Arabic lessons for beginners to all those pupils who have zero knowledge and understanding of the Arabic language. This course teaches introductory Arabic lessons for beginners of the Arabic alphabet and its proper pronunciation. Gradually we move from the beginner’s stage to the progressive scene and then advance level. In a progressive class, we will teach you to make simple sentences and common conversational phrases.

Learning Outcome

After completing the beginner’s stage, you will be able to:

  • Correctly recognizing and speaking the Arabic Alphabet.
  • Able to compose words & their proper sounds.
  • Writing knowledge & good understanding of short phrases.
  • Ability to understand Short Quranic Verse.
  • Able to correctly pronounce Quran Kareem.

Advanced stage

All the students who have completed Arabic lessons for beginners are allowed to join the Advanced online Arabic course, or the intended students must have prior knowledge of the fundamentals of the Arabic language. Such as being able to identify the Arabic alphabet and can speak them correctly. Online Arabic Course is highly beneficial in understanding Quran Kareem. It opens up a broader range of opportunities in Arab countries for those seeking professional proficiencies and increased growth.

Primary Focus

The primary purpose of offering advanced Arabic courses is to make the students able to write, read, and speak the Arabic language with a certain level of fluency. In this course, the students will also be guided in the business jargon that works essentially during the conversation.

Outcome From The Course:


  • Throughout knowledge of Arabic Grammer, phonetics, sentence structure, and pronunciation
  • Knowledge of business communication.
  • Able to speak the Arabic language like native speakers.
  • Quickly understand the Quranic verses.


At Quranrecital Academy, all the professors and teachers for the online Arabia course are native speakers of Arabic. They are experts in teaching language and skilled in understanding students’ learning abilities. They were all awarded “Ihazah” from Al-Azhar University to teach the Arabic language. The students will learn very quickly when they get the chance to learn from those who grew up speaking Arabic and got proficient teaching expertise from a well-known university.