Arabic language

The arabic language is one of the most unique and beautiful languages of the world. It is the language in which the Holy Prophet (pbuh) delivered the Quran to us. The course aims at developing a good understanding of the structure and pronunciation of the arabic language, progressing towards full conversational proficiency.

Beginner Stage:

The beginner stage is for those students who have no knowledge regarding the arabic language. The first thing that students learn is the basics of the language like the alphabets and their corresponding pronunciation. It then advances towards simple and everyday phrases.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Recognize and speak the alphabets
  • Know the composition of words and their sounds
  • Ability to write and understand short phrases

Advanced Stage:

The advanced stage requires students to have a prior knowledge base of the arabic language. They should be able to recognize and pronounce the alphabets. This course is extremely helpful for those professionals who are seeking more opportunities in Arab countries.

The primary focus of this course lies in the abilities of reading, writing and speaking the Arabic language with a certain degree of fluency. The course also teaches business jargon that can help in communication.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Ability to speak like a native
  • Business communication in Arabic
  • Complete understanding of pronunciation, grammar and phonetics


The teachers of this course are all native Arabic speakers so you will be learning from those who grew up speaking this language. This panel of linguistic experts all hail from Al-Azhar University with Ijazah in the Arabic language.