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Quran Classes for Kids

Are you striving for an online Quran teacher for your kids? Quranrecital Academy has all you aspire for in your kid’s Islamic & Quranic Education. Please join َQuran lessons online for kids now!

Our kids are the future; feeding and fulling their all needs are not enough. The essential role of being parents is their good training & development and correct understanding of Islam and the Quran. Teaching your children to spend their entire life according to Sunnah & Quran is essential.

However, properly reciting Quran is the foremost essential living hood being a Muslim. Quran recitation with accurate pronunciation is highly important. So we aspire to provide our kids best online Quran teachers who can build the correct concepts of Islam and make the children learn to recite the Quran properly.

This process could be challenging for some kids and time-consuming to learn the perfect makharij (pronunciation). Yet, with patience, sooner they will get their start. After all, the Quran Reciting grace utterly lies in pronouncing every letter correctly. Anyhow, with time and effort, your kids will become more skilled and learn Quran Recitation more correctly and accurately.

Quran Online Classes for Kids – Course Details

Our priority is to give proper tajweed classes online. It is the first step from where we start to teach the holy Quran online. For kids, we tend to prepare Quran lessons online in the most attractive ways so that the kids love to continue learning about Quran. We provide one-on-one sessions and follow interactive ways for the children to make them learn Makharij(pronunciation) rules for every Arabic letter correctly.

Our forward step is to teach them about ayah, surah, and the story behind Allah’s message. Children love stories, and their learning capacity is enhanced when they are told the background behind the surah and historical beliefs. In Quran online classes, we also focus on the activities that staple the concepts & meanings of surah & ayah to become more clear and more understandable for the kids.

At a young age, learning capacity is at a higher peak. So making the correct makharij and clearing difficult concepts is easiest with the kids. Learning Quran in childhood opened up the opportunity to learn Arabic as a second language.

Outcome From The Quran Online Course

After completing this course, the pupils will be able to:

  • Know the correct makharij
  • Able to read and recite Quran verses
  • Fundamental knowledge of Tajweed
  • Know the reason & historical background of different ayah & surah


Proven concepts about the kids: They will gain more knowledge & proficiency when they are treated with love. We emphasize hiring those skilled professors who know the ingenuity of making every session interesting, interactive, and engaging for the kids. Our teachers hold Ijazah in Quranic teachings from Al-Azhar University. Online Quran teachers have specialized training in maintaining a loveable tone that helps kids connect with a teacher and online Quran class. So they become more eager to explore every session. Our online Quran teachers are extremely humble while teaching their little students. They take every class with sincerity and devotion.