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Ramadan And Why It’s The Month Of The Quran

If you want to know what is Ramadan, and why it’s the month of the Quran? This article will help you understand all that you need to know and how Quran lessons online can help you understand Quran and your deen better.

Ramadan is the ninth and the holiest month in the Islamic calendar. Muslims spend it fasting from dawn to dusk and arranging for special ibadah (worshiping) for the whole month.  It is also called the month of the Quran.

The very next question that pops up in your mind is:

“Why Is Ramadan Called The Month of The Quran?”

It is also known as the month of the Quran because, in this month, Muhammad (SAW), the last prophet of Muslims, was gifted with the Quran in the form of revelations by ALLAH (the God) through Gabriel (the angel of ALLAH).

The month of Ramadan is very important to every Muslim irrespective of color, caste, creed, location, and age. This is so because, during this month, every Muslim rejuvenates his relationship with Allah through fasting, reciting Quran, and doing good deeds.

The Quran was revealed in Laylatul Qadr, which is called the night of power in Ramadan. In the words of the Quran:

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Is Ramadan All About, Fasting, Reciting Quran, and Offering Prayers Five Times A Day?

The answer is no! Ramadan does not only demands Muslims to fast and recite Quran in the best possible way, but it also demands repentance.

The month of Ramadan is composed of three sections: pity, forgiveness, and fortification. There are three distinct duas (prayer) for each section. Each section is composed of 10 days. Dua for the first part is:

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For the 2nd section, dua is:

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The last section dua is:

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Ramadan is the month in which Muslims repent for wrong actions and ask for forgiveness from the almighty God. Repentance is not merely an apology. In fact, it is to ask for an apology for the wrong actions and never repeat them or make the best efforts not to repeat them again.

You cannot repent unless you know the difference between right and wrong. This is the point where you need the Quran. The Quran is not merely the holy book to be kept in a clean place and to be recited melodiously. In reality, it is the book that encapsulates the complete code of life. It has guidance not specifically for Muslims but for the entire humanity.

Guidance means directions, for instance, directions on how to make a living fairly without cheating or usurping other people’s rights and on many other day to day matters.

Quran Lessons Online To Understand Quran and Deen Better

The Quran is the book of guidance from the creator of this universe. It will guide you when you understand it, and to understand it, you should learn the Arabic language and give time to ponder its content. In this pursuit, Quran Recital Quran online classes can help you. You can take quran lessons online, tajweed classes online, and learn Arabic through an online Arabic course. We also offer Arabic lessons for beginners and tajweed for beginners and our certified online Quran teachers can help you memorize Quran online and with Quran recitation online to make learning Quran easy for you.

After all, who else can guide you the best other than the one who created you?

So, Ramadan is the month of the Quran because it gives us a chance to repent and ask for forgiveness, guidance, and blessings. Again, Ramadan is arriving to bestow humanity with its blessing this year. May God help us understand the true meaning of the Quran this Ramadan, Ameen. Also, do not forget to make dua Muslims in Ukraine.

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