Evolving Gay and Lesbian Culture and Teachings of Islam

Media’s Impact on Evolving Gay and Lesbian Culture and Teachings of Islam

The mainstream media and social media are widely influencing the younger generation. Whether a fashion trend or a lifestyle, it depicts it so that the new generation adopts it like a trend and normalizes its existence.

Evolving gay and lesbian culture is the current trend among all the trends and changes given by the media. Homosexuality is broadly depicted and stereotyped in many Netflix and Disney Pixar series. Not only are they educating the younger generation about it, but they are also promoting the young generation to adopt it.

We’ll discuss how media have released specific shows related to gay and lesbian culture and what Islamic teachings are.

Netflix and Dinsey Pixar Representation of Gay and Lesbian Culture

Evolving Gay and Lesbian Culture and Teachings of Islam
Evolving Gay and Lesbian Culture and Teachings of Islam

There is no doubt that media can influence and impact the futures of individuals; we have witnessed this for years. Recently, Netflix and Disney Pixar have released shows related to homosexuality. It discussed how their lives evolved, affecting the younger generation’s lives.

Some shows from Netflix like elite, bonding, and first kill are just names of a few. There is a long list of shows where they have shown gay and lesbian characters in negative roles. They have also led them to lack stable relationships and be preoccupied with their sexual preferences. Though media can not instantly impact the new generation, it can undoubtedly impact them in the long run.

What Does Islam Say about Gay and Lesbian Culture?

According to Islamic scholars, Islamic study online, and online Quran teachers, same-gender sex is a sin. According to the Quran, the destruction of the people of Prophet Lot was due to this sinful act.

Prophet Lut lived in a city called Sodom, where many travelers, visitors, and business people visited for trade. The people of Lut introduced homosexuality- none in the history of humanity had ever witnessed such a sinful act before.

Despite being regretful of this act, the people of Lut were proud of this conduct. They talked about it openly amongst their fellows and friends.

Prophet Lut settled in Sodom and tried to preach Islam’s teachings and protect them from such sinful acts. Prophet Lut had an idea of how wicked His men were but hoped they would listen to Him. He hoped that one day they would act according to Islam’s teachings.

After years of inviting people to the sayings of Allah, Prophet Lut finally gave up. Allah sent three angels to guide Lut and His daughters. Allah ordered the Prophet Lut that He should leave the house in the middle of the night with His daughters.

All the people of Lut were sentenced to death by Allah, and till today the Dead Sea lies in Sodom. According to Quran, “Men having sex with each other must be punished” however, the nature of the punishment is not defined.


Many Muslim countries are teaching Arabic lessons for beginner and trying to resist spreading the gay and lesbian culture. However, with the increase in shows presented by the media, it is difficult to stop the spreading of this culture.

However, it can help if Muslims stick to Islamic teachings and act what Allah and His Prophets have taught. We can surely save ourselves and our younger generation from this sinful act.

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