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Remarkable human evaluation according to Quran

According to the Quran, human evaluation is Allah’s most beautiful creation. It is because he was created for worship and responsibility. Therefore, the Quran is the eternal guide to humankind. It is the most influential book ever revealed and enlightens its readers with knowledge and wisdom they are unaware of. The holy Quran says every human evaluation with a special mission. It is to worship Allah alone and never associate any partners with Him.

Human evaluation of our physical, spirit, natural disposition (fiţrah), and light by the Quran

Our physical body is a light that reflects the essence of God. So, likewise, our spirit is the most incredible light, and our natural disposition (fiţrah) is the perfect reflection of God’s light.

We are all the same in terms of our creation, but our dispositions are what differentiate us from one another. The Quran says, “We created you all from a single soul, and made from it its mate.” It also says, “The creation of each is his mirror.” And another verse says, “He does not create two hearts within your selves; nor has He made your wives for you to be infertile so that you may have only one wife.”

The Quran clarifies that human evaluation from one soul and one heart. But some say that we have two seats because we have two souls. This claim is false because if we did have two souls, they would act independently of each other; they would not be able to communicate or share their thoughts or feelings. However, this does not mean that we have multiple hearts because if we did have separate guts, then.

human evaluation

This light is the same one that was created at the beginning of time and has been with you since then. It has never been something other than what it is now. It is a constant force, and it is always there within you as well.

In our physical form, we have four different lights:

  1. Creation (Al-Inzal)

It is the light Allah created for us when God created our bodies out of the soil. When we die and return to dust, we will be returned to this human evaluation.

  1. Heritage (Al-Hadiqa)

This light was given to Adam and Eve when they were placed in Paradise by God on their wedding night (Al-Qadar). Angels will guide them based on this light during their lifetime here on earth before they die and return to dust again.

  1. Destiny (Al-Qadar)

It is how God guides us according to His will until our death or until the day of resurrection (Al-Qadar). We cannot see our destiny except through revelation from God, such as prophets or angels who reveal knowledge about our future.

We are told that God has created us all with a purpose in verse. The goal is to worship Him and be grateful. In one of his sermons, the Prophet Muhammad said:

“The true believer is not a person who believes in the heart but one who acts accordingly.”

It means that the true believer does not just believe in God, he does what he thinks. If he believes that God is merciful and forgiving, then he must show mercy and forgiveness to others. If he believes that God is powerful and strong, he must be strong. If he believes God is, he must be just toward others.

Human evaluation and his  life aims to worship God and be thankful for His blessings. A person’s character reflects on how he lives his life. The way we treat others reflects how we think about ourselves. Our deeds speak louder than words; therefore, we should behave in such a way to reflect well on ourselves before others see us or hear about us from someone else who has seen or heard about us first.


As for human evaluation, according to Quran, it is the most genuine of all assessments, and it is superior to any other kind of evaluation. It is applicable at all times, in all places, and regardless of conditions. Anybody who ignores its guidance has undoubtedly gone astray.

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