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Admirable FIFA World Cup 2022 and Islam in Qatar

Qatar is the first Muslim country and the second country in Asia to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. This fifa world cup will be unique and more expensive than all the previous world cups. Two hundred twenty billion dollars have been spent on this world cup and As a Muslim we are happy that Qatar invested for the development of Islam. State_of_the_art_football_stadiums Qatar has prepared for match.Furthermore, Qatar has presented its culture, Islam, and religion to the outside world beautifully, revealing the positive side of Islam and Qatar.The way Qatar has attract the whole world is admireable because it is not easy for everyone to do so much for Islam.

How they promote Islamic culture and their efforts for Islam in FIFA World Cup

The question on everyone’s tongues was, what is the need for Qatar to waste so much money on sports? Now I understand that he has invested this money in Islam for the correct reflection of Islam and has given proof of his being a Muslim. Qatar took position and continues to amaze. Made the world’s biggest sporting event a source of invitation to Islam. Hundred of scholars and scholars have been invited from all over the world will perform the duty of preaching in different languages.

FIFA World Cup

Two thousand local scholars will also take responsibility for the FIFA World Cup. Qatar also takes some initiative to promote the Islam and Muslim world in FIFA World Cup:

  • Muezzins of mosques across the country have been changed, and muezzins with charming voices have been appointed.
  •  All the mosques will be presented as an Islamic museum where anyone can come and get information anytime—quranic verses across the country.
  •  Flexes and billboards have been installed highlighting Hadiths and Islamic history.·        Translations of the Holy Quran in different languages.
  •  Islamic history and biography books are being distributed.
  •  Each stadium will have a prominent prayer space.
  •  All the fans of the first opening match of the world’s most popular sport FIFA World Cup in Qatar, were given the most expensive perfumes, “Oud” and “Mushk,” as the Sunnah of the Prophet.
  •  Several religious scholars, including Dr. Zakir Naik, will be present in Qatar throughout the event.
  •  When most people in Europe are talking about their rights due to the ban on the activities of the LGBT movement in Qatar, Qatar raised the morale of disabled people around the world by having a disabled reader inaugurate it. Priorities have been defined.
  • Visitors to the mosque are given explanations of Islam’s faith and tolerance by both male and female lecturers.
  • At the entrance, there are electronic noticeboards about Islam in more than 30 different languages that are placed so that guests can access them on their phones. And those who request them are given pamphlets that describe Islam in several languages.
  • La’eeb, the official mascot of the competition, was waving with the flags of all 32 participating nations. La’eeb is an Arabic word that indicates a super-skilled athlete.
  • Many families and individuals have converted to Islam, despite the fact that this claim is baseless because the precise number cannot be verified.
  • Islamic volunteers and academics have been made accessible to respond to any inquiries about Islam by Qatar.
  • A volunteer from Qatar told Al Jazeera, we will show to the public what Islam is and we will strive to change the false picture of the faith that is normally seen and heard.
  • Qatar has a big dream of hosting the Fifa World Cup while maintaining its cultural and religious traditions. The Qatar Guest Centre has made plans to contact as many people as possible since they see this as a huge chance to spread a different aspect of Islam.

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