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Learning Quran Online: The Best Way To Fulfill Obligation & Staying Safe During Covid-19

Learning Quranic Tajweed

The novel Covid-19 has made life extremely difficult; leaving home for a job, education, or another purpose has become complicated due to health risks.

Now, as this horrible disease keeps controlling our lives, we can’t let it stop our need to fulfill our obligation of learning the Quran. The question is how to learn Quran safely during this pandemic?

Worry not because the safest solution to all your worries is online Quran learning with experienced and certified teachers from the comfort of your home.

How Can Online Learning Help?

Many reasons make Quran online learning the best option for your children during these times. Let’s explore some;

§  Protection

Learning Quran online ticks all the boxes: you feel safe in your home and get to fulfill your obligation with confidence.

Online Quran academies such as QuranRecital offer complete online registration, enrollment, and payment processes with scheduled classes as per the learner’s convenience. You or your children don’t have to get out of the house and risk anything

§  Global Access

Online learning helps in many ways. You can easily access any online Quran academy with teachers that fulfill your criteria of qualification. Apart from Quran learning, these Quran online academies also offer different Islamic courses, such as Tafseer courses. All these features make Quran online learning an all-inclusive platform to learn and understand Quran and get close to Allah Almighty regardless of these confusing times.

§  People Of All Ages 

Quran Online learning can bring people of all ages on board. There are various courses for almost every age; beginner’s guides to Arabic for children and more complex Tajweed and Tafsir classes precisely explaining meanings and references of the divine Quran to attain more understanding. You can find all levels of Islamic knowledge on one platform.

§  Saving Money

Covid-19 has been immensely hard on the global economy, so wouldn’t it be great if you could save up more money? With Quran online learning, you can do that as there will be no need to spend excessive money on transportation. Not only do you get to eliminate Covid-19 risk, but you also save up on those hiking petrol prices while physically feeling more comfortable to attend.

Learning Quran Online

To sum up, online Quran learning is more beneficial than going to traditional madrassas for many reasons that are more than just Covid-19.

For example, you can have a one-on-one class with an experienced Arabic teacher, whereas attending lessons in local mosques or seminars are crowded and prove to be less effective for students. Many of the times, questions remain unanswered, and complications arise.

Thus, online Quran learning can be incredibly beneficial for everyone. Parents can assuredly sign their kids up for such courses and then receive regular progress reports.

Fulfill Your Obligation while Staying Safe with QuranRecital 

Understanding the divine revelation is the best source of guidance and assurance. Do not let this pandemic weaken your relation with Allah and gain access to professional Arabic teachers at QuranRecital.

You wish to learn Quran online or are looking for a trusted platform for your kids to learn, with certified teachers at an online Quran academy, you or your children will be able to interpret the profound explanation to each verse, enlightening the wisdom.

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