Cancellation of Trial Lessons

Reason and Consequences of Cancellation of Trial Lessons

In 2022, most of the world’s population will be online teaching classes. Visiting and attending physical classes had become risky due to the pandemic. Therefore, Quranrecital has created a platform to teach the students Quran lessons online in their comfort and suitable time frame.

Sometimes, teachers find it difficult to attend the classes due to the cancellation of trial lessons by the students. With these in mind, we have structured this article about the reasons and consequences of the cancellation of trial lessons. And why they should be paid.

Let’s get straight into it!

Reasons for Cancellation of Trial Lessons by the Students

Teaching Quran lessons online requires consistency and dedication. At the same time, there must be a connection between a student and a teacher. Therefore, we arrange a trial lesson for the student to help them understand the teacher and their teaching strategy.

Sometimes, trial lessons are canceled due to various reasons:

·       Kids Don’t Show Up

The kids don’t show up for the trial lesson, which costs a teacher to wait for them for an hour. Sometimes, it is because the student is unwilling to learn or may be occupied with other home activities. It results in not showing up for the lesson on time.

·       Last Minute Cancellation of Trial Lessons

Sometimes, students or their parents cancel classes at the last minute. There are various reasons, including their busy schedules, unstable internet connection, and other reasons.

·       Forget the Class Time

People who are not used to the Quran classes or have arranged the trial class first time might forget it. Though it can be accidental, it costs teachers time and effort as they have prepared themselves for the lesson.

Challenges Faced by the Teachers on Online Quran Teaching

Some parents and children don’t think twice before canceling the trial lessons. At the same time, our teachers go through the following challenges to ensure teaching the Tajweed classes online with dedication.

·       Preparation of Lesson

While conducting a Quran lesson in a virtual class, our Arabic teachers prepare the lessons beforehand. It is necessary to provide the students with proper materials to trace the sources and learn with dedication.

·       Training for the New Technology

Most teachers are not used to the new technology and use modern software for online Arabic course. We provide our teachers training for the Quran online to ensure they can handle the course by themselves.

·       Facing Obstacles While Working from Home

Conducting classes physically and teaching the children in a classroom was easy for the teachers. While working from home has created a lot of hurdles for the teachers, they still ensure to give their best. The main issues they face include finding a quiet place for a class, a stable connection, and more.

Why are Quran Classes Online Paid?

Quranrecital appreciates every teacher’s time and effort to create an educational environment. That is the main reason we charge for the Quran classes and ensure to give the best services.

Since the teachers spend their efforts providing the best services, they deserve to get paid. And therefore, we urge the parents and students to show up for the trial classes and schedule Quran lessons.

Wrapping Up

Cancellation of trial lessons, whether it’s Islamic study online or any other course lesson, is unethical. Teachers prepare their material and other essential teaching stuff before time to offer the student the best services.

However, sometimes, it is necessary to cancel a trial lesson. If so, you can leave a message hours before. So that you can inform them about why not show up to the class and schedule it for later.

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