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Frequently Asked Questions about Online Quran Classes

When the Pandemic hit globally, people have been looking for options to conduct activities while resting in their homes. They don’t want to be in crowded places nor want to be in physical contact with others.

To that end, Quranrecital has conducted an online Quran classes platform. It helps teachers teach the Quran with Tajweed and help the Muslims recite Quran while staying in their comfort zone.

We have answered the frequently asked questions to help you understand our services better.

1.    What is The Motive for Quranrecital’s Online Quran Classes?

The main motive of Quranrecital’s online Quran classes is to provide Muslims around the globe with the Quran’s teachings. Also, to help them recite Quran verses with Tajweed. Moreover, our teachers also help learners to understand Allah’s message better.

2.    Are Your Online Quran Classes Effective?

Our platform has no evident difference between the real Quran and online Quran classes. Just the latter offers a person to learn at their convenient time and place. You can get a free trial lesson after registration to better know our teachers.

3.   How Can Start Learning Quran from Your Platform?

You only need a smart device with a stable internet connection to start the Quran lessons online.

Download a zoom app or skype on your device, and the Quranrecital teacher will contact you at your scheduled time.

4.    How Long Does it Take to Learn Quran Online?

With the help of personalized teachers, the learning duration to recite the Quran varies on your learning capabilities and consistency. We have structured customized teaching plans for individual students based on their abilities to accomplish goals easily.

5.    How Many Online Quran Classes Do You Conduct a Week?

Depending on the intensity of learning, we plan the lessons. It takes 8 to 12 weeks for adults to learn Quran with Tajweed. If you want to memorize Quran online, it might take 6 to 24 months.

For Arabic, the time required is about 10 to 20 months. While for kids, it depends on their age, capabilities, and parental support.

6.    I Haven’t Taken The Online Quran Classes Before. Will I Be Able To Cope With It?

When you are consistent and dedicated to learning the Quran, Allah (SWT) will always help you in the learning process. We arrange the classroom session one-on-one on Zoom to ensure all the teachers’ attention is focused on a single student.

7.    Do You Have Course Material for the Online Quran Classes?

Yes, we have various studying materials for the students’ formal learning of the Quran. Once registered with our organization, we have digital Quran, Islamic studies, and Tajweed books to support your learning process. Our teachers will also send you the online links so you can browse them and speed up the learning process.

8.    For Whom the Courses Designed for?

Our Quranic courses are designed for both adults and children, whether male or female. It doesn’t matter which culture and language you belong to; we are here to teach you with all our capabilities.

9.    Are Your Teachers Qualified?

All our teachers are qualified from Egypt, speak different languages fluently, and graduated from reputed universities. These include Al-Azhar university, Islamic University of Madinah, and others.

10.    Is Learning from Online Quran Classes Effective?

Quran lessons online have become very popular among overseas Muslims, where it is difficult to find Quran teaching schools.

We offer one-on-one teaching directly to the student. With the proper guidance of our teacher, a student can quickly pick the rules of Tajweed in the Quran. You can understand the meaning, which will help them memorize the Quran quickly.

Final Thoughts

Though the people are returning to live a normal life after the Pandemic, they still prefer to enrol on an online Arabic course. It helps them to study while staying at their homes at their convenient time and place. You can always connect with the Quranrecital to get the best Quran teachers.

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