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How Do We Hire Online Quran Teachers?

How do we hire online Quran teachers? This is a question that many parents are asking these days.

Learning the Quran is a lifelong pursuit of every Muslim. It is a source of seeking nourishment and enlightenment in one’s life. Various studies have shown that learning and memorizing Quran at early age sharpens the mind.

Learning to recite Quran and understanding it can not be done at home. It is the same as practicing math at home even though you have a lot of books. You must seek professional assistance to understand it better.

Therefore, on our platform, we pay close attention when we hire online Quran teachers. However, we value their time and effort and closely analyze their hourly rates. At the same time, we are assured that they have the qualities to be good Quran teachers online.

In this blog post, you will learn the qualities we consider while hiring a Quran teacher. Also, how can you help us to improve?

Let’s get started!

Qualities to Consider Before Hiring Online Quran Teachers

As a reputed Quran-teaching institute, we consider it our prime responsibility to get our students the best teachers. Therefore, we look for the following qualities before hiring:

1.    Excellent Communication Skills

The prime quality that every Quran teacher must possess is they should have amazing communication skills. Not only does it helps to convey the message, but it also helps the kids to connect with the teachers.

Moreover, we also check their skills in written communication. Because sometimes, teachers have to send lessons in emails and documents for the Islamic study online.

2.    Active Listening

Another quality we look for in our teachers is they must be active listeners. For example, they should be able to make an eye-contact and listen carefully to the student’s thoughts and perceptions.

Additionally, it helps the student build the confidence to be heard and valued. They feel more relaxed while expressing their thoughts about a particular topic.

3.    Educational Standards

Apart from other qualities, we also consider the teachers’ educational qualifications and previous Quran teaching experience. Moreover, we hire teachers with degrees from reputed universities, certification, Ijaza, and their skills for teaching Tajweed for beginners.

Also, we test their knowledge about certain Islamic incidents to ensure whether or not they can tackle the students’ questions.

4.    Leadership Qualities

Teachers of Arabic lessons for beginner must have leadership qualities to command order from the student. They have a responsibility; therefore, they should be strict in their orders. It enables a Quran teacher to guide students better.

5.    Time-Management Skills

Online Quran teachers should be capable of time management effectively. Like, they might have to conduct consistent classes throughout the day. Therefore, they must know how to manage their time and proceed with the online Quran sessions.

Furthermore, time management is also necessary for them as they must cover the lessons in the scheduled class time.

6.    Positivity

Sometimes, students find it difficult to learn certain verses in Quran. It can lead to disappointment and negativity. However, positive Quran teachers can create a positive and motivational environment for students. It can help them to promote their learning process in Tajweed classes online.

What Do We do for Improvement?

We practice constant efforts to ensure the improvement of our system. Therefore, we consistently work on the following aspects:

  • Identification of areas for improvement.
  • Asking students for the evaluation of performance.
  • Consistent online teaching sessions.
  • Regular training sessions for improvement.

Concluding Thoughts

We used to offer the students free trial lessons, leading to the students not showing up and wasting time. We charge the trial classes as we value our teachers’ time and energy.

Furthermore, online Quran teachers must be given equal importance and appreciation as we gave to other subject teachers. They are the ones who help us understand the code of life, “The Quran.”

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