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Quran for kids/Making the Quran interesting for kids

Quran for kids is as important as reading or understanding it for adults. Before teaching the Quran to the children, tell them about the it, and tell them that the Quran is obligatory for every Muslim man and woman. Develop the child’s interest in the Quran and note the child’s reaction. Is he showing interest, or is he shying away? If so, try to change his mind with the right approach and encouragement. Make the child interested in the Qur’an because The Qur’an for children relates the child to Allah.

How Develop kids Interest in Quran?

A child’s education is the parent’s responsibility, and being a Muslim, every parent must include the Qur’an in their children’s education. Every Muslim parent tries to teach their child the Quran. Don’t just teach your children to read the Quran, ask them to practice it after reading it. The guardians of the kids should teach the children to love the Quran.

  • As a parent, it starts with how you relate to the Quran because children mirror their parents and copy them.
  • Recite the  Quran for kids.
  • Encourage the children to learn the Quran by telling them they can do it.
  • Make the Quran meaningful for children and explain the meaning of the words.
  • Designate a place and time to read the Qur’an.
  • Rehearse the Quran repeatedly.quran for kids
  • Listen to the Quran again and again
  • Reward the child for learning something.
  • Share Quranic stories with children.
  • Gift the Quran to the child.


Quran for kids as Beginners

For new learners, start learning the Qur’an from the basics. First, teach the child to recognize the basic letters and combine words. Teach the rules of reciting the Qur’an and teach the children with suggestions so that they can pronounce it better.

Benefits of the Quran for kids

To give Islamic teachings to their children and make them good Muslims, someone is trying and complains that they cannot teach them about Islam for various reasons such as environment and other reasons. They may be paying attention to other moral books and not teaching their children through the Quran. If not, make them challenging. The Quran for kids has many benefits for both children and adults that we discuss and these benifits show that how importance is Quran for kids.


  • The Holy Book  teaches the love of Allah within the child.
  • The Quran teaches children how to show love to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The Quran makes children good human beings and good Muslims.
  • it gives peace to the heart.
  • Brings man closer to Allah.
  • Quran answers all the hidden questions that you cannot get anywhere else.
  • Keeps you satisfied.
  • Reduce your anxiety & depression, hypertension, and diabetes, and keep you relaxed.quran for kids

Is Quran for kids a complete code of Life

The Qur’an shines a light on advice for all people, transcending boundaries of race and religion. It provides information about various behaviors in every sphere of Life, whether social, religious, or communal, and points forth the correct course of action. The creator of us all belongs to Allah, and Allah has given us all the rules of Life in the Holy Book so that we can live according to them. The Holly book has provided solutions to every issue a human may encounter, from conception to death. So that they might live their lives following the Quranic teachings, we must educate our children on the Quran.


No one can deny the importance of the Quranic studes in children’s Life because it shows kids a way to deal with every difficulty in Life. To teach Quran to kids, you can also give them an online academy so that they can read Quran. After that, implement it in your Life and lead a peaceful life.

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