An All-in-one Guide to Learning Arabic

How to Get Started Learning Arabic – An All-in-one Guide

Learning Arabic is arduous, just like mastering any other dialect. It is, however,  gratifying, delightful, and rewarding. The rich language is the Arab world’s National language. Learning Arabic is similar to piecing together a jumbled jigsaw.  Positioning every piece in the correct spot can assist you in learning correctly.

Make sure to read the previous post to find out the facts about this amazing language before diving into the technicalities of learning it.

– Time Required for Learning

The total learning time is expected to be between 3 and 6 months with the Arabic online course. Professional learning, however, takes approximately 88 weeks to complete, according to the experts.

But with a month’s effort, you’ll be able to integrate and apply some basic words in your daily conversations.

– What Creates the Impression that Learning Arabic is Challenging?

This must be the most important question on your mind. There is nothing hard about the language itself; it’s just the accent and the vastness of the language’s vocabulary. Because Quranrecital focuses on only the essentials, this difficulty can be overcome.

– How to Learn Arabic Easily!

Make sure to follow the steps below to learn Arabic quickly!

  1. Take the initiative!

This is the profound and most crucial learning foundation. Assess why you want to learn? Are you enthusiastic about devoting your attention and energy to this? After doing this, set up your learning routine and get started!

  1. Decide on the type!

To add to your astonishment, Arabic is a multifaceted language with many dialects. But don’t worry; the Standard, often known as contemporary Arabic, is one of the UN’s official languages, so that should be your adhere to specific.  However, you may acquire another form if you want.

  1. Grasp the basics!

This section is even further split into 2 parts!

The first phase primarily entails mastering the 28 alphabets. Knowing about the alphabet also involves learning how to pronounce each correctly.  The Arabic alphabet is known as an ‘abjad,’ and the letters are known as ‘glyphs.’ These are essentially offered in Arabic lessons for beginners in various online Arabic courses.

The second phase entails understanding short words derived from alphabets as well as their meanings in your native language. Ultimately step up to learn the phrases, particularly the most commonly encountered ones.

How Quranrecital teaches?

That’s exactly how Quranrecital teaches, by dividing its package into two categories, with the beginner’s package and an advanced one to choose from.  After this, the remainder is left to our highly experienced native instructor. With easy-to-memorize teachings and sympathetic trainers, you can enjoy learning.

  1. Don’t forget to replicate!

The greatest approach to learning Arabic words is to repeat them frequently at intervals, often termed periodic revisions. Memory aids such as flashcards, simple post-it notes, or an Arabic pocket notebook can be useful.

  1. Make a concerted effort to converse!

This is the most effective method for acquiring Arabic as a long-term language. Try saying the words you’ve just learned in your conversation. As listening would simply add to your short-term memory, which you’d eventually forget.

  1. Bonus Tip!

This part is for the ones who are willing to learn Arabic by themselves. Easy to use translator app can do the needful. It is a  way to get the most out of this language; look for the Arabic words for things you encounter daily.

For instance, if you’re looking at your mobile phone right now, go ahead and look at what it’s called in Arabic. You can also learn by memorizing the word translation of the Holy Quran.

Did you know?

Quranrecital offers the greatest Islamic study online as well as the best online Arabic course that will turn you into a native speaker with a comprehensive grasp of grammar and pronunciations. So, Get registered as soon as possible.

-As a Final Thought

I hope you enjoyed reading about the various learning tips. Keep in mind that integrating the strategies in combination is superior to doing them individually. The guidelines are simple: be consistent,  be persistent, and keep it simple. See you soon with another great post!  Till then, stay positive and, of course, keep learning!

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