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What You Need to Learn About Arabic Language

There are various languages spoken around the world, each with the traits that distinguish it apart from the rest. But when it comes to Arabic language, it is exceptional; its novelty, uniqueness, and richness place it fifth on the list of most widely spoken languages worldwide. The Arabic language is challenging yet lyrical, simple yet rich in vocabulary and grammatical knowledge. You might be shocked that Arabic is the dominant and national language of above 20 countries.

–  Fascinating Facts about the Arabic Language

Arabic is one of the seven Semitic languages. This rich dialect is the main language of several Middle Eastern regions and North Africa and, in fact, most of the Arabian Peninsula as a whole.

Continue reading to know why Arabic is so extremely interesting:

  1. Writing diversity – Arabic numbers are written from the left, while letters are spelled from the right. It’s the only language with two different writing sites.
  2. No Capital letters – Quotation marks are used rather than capital letters to emphasize facts. In actuality, there are no capital letters in the language itself.
  3. One-of-a-kind soundscapes – Only Arabic does have the sounds of the word h. However, there is no sound for letters like in the entire language.
  4. Span – Since the derivation of Arabic, approximately 1500-1800 years have passed. That’s exactly when it commenced.
  5. One subject, multiple words – Its enormous vocabulary includes a number of words for a single creature; for example, there are approximately 100 words for Camel.
  6. The Arabic alphabets – There are 28 letters in total, and there are no absolute vowels; instead, the symbols are used to execute or emphasize.
  7. The anticipated vocabulary – There are over 100,000 words that make up the Arabic language.
  8. The UN’s official language – Arabic is one of the United Nation’s six official languages, and the day of celebration of this language is December 18th!

– The Benefits of Learning Arabic

You would probably wonder about the advantages of learning this language, so here are a few of the most promising features!

  1. Language of Islam – It is the Quranic language as well as the language of the Hadith. For this purpose alone, a Muslim should learn and prioritize this language.
  2. Understanding Islam – Learning Arabic can aid in the comprehension of Islam and the principles presented in the Quran and Hadith. This is yet a further compelling incentive to learn. There is no way to succeed in this world or the hereafter without learning and implementing the teachings of the Almighty. As the Quran and the Sunnah contain replete guidance, the language leads the way and makes it easier to learn from this comprehensive code of life.
  3. Ideological and historical guide – Arabic is the language used by many of the texts that explain the lives of prophets from the past.
    Therefore, studying and learning Arabic can provide a life-changing insight into this rich legacy.
  4. A strong connection towards the Almighty – Learning Arabic entails understanding the significance of what you’re saying in the prayers as well as the verses of the Quran. A meaningful bond is formed from such an understanding, which could also boost the sincerity of worship.
  5. Global advantages – Arabic is a challenging language globally, where people need to deal with Middle Eastern residents for business deals. Additionally, there are openings for Arabic translators and trade center jobs. It is also good for personnel who live in or near Arab countries or simply those who are merely willing to learn new languages.

– How to learn?

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Stay tuned for our next post, which will be a complete guide with great tips for making the process of learning Arabic easier.

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