Aware How to Learn Online Quran/ step by step process

Being Muslims, learning the Quran/online Quran is essential for us. The Holy Quran contains all aspects of knowledge. It gives knowledge about all aspects of life, teaches us how to act correctly in various situations, and brings us closer to Allah Almighty. Muslims start learning the Quran in their early years of life.

Students can learn online Quran with relevant Tajweed and Arabic courses from certified experts. This method is considered as effective as face-to-face lessons. People of any age, men, women, and children, can learn the Quran well through the modern online Quran method.

Typically, people learn Quran through a mosque, Islamic school, or centre because it will be overseen by a teacher or scholar fluent in Arabic and the Holy Quran. However, not all countries, particularly non-Arabic-speaking ones, have easy access to a mosque or Islamic school where they can learn the Quran regularly. As a result, there must be an alternative method of effectively learning the Quran.

Technology solved the problem and allowed Muslims worldwide to learn the online Quran. You can visit the Quran course website and attend online Quran classes for kids and adults using the internet and your device (PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet).

 Advantages of Online Quran learning 

Of course, there are many advantages to learning Quran online. Some are these.

  1. The great advantage of online Quran learning, particularly for children, is its security. Learning at home helps to avoid road hazards.
  2. Furthermore, it allows you to observe your children during sessions and control their learning.
  3. Nowadays, everyone needs more time. We can save time by learning Quran online, and you can choose your time for learning Quran online when you are free.
  4. Without the proper attention of a tutor, it isn’t easy to learn, so in an online class, you get the proper attention of your Quran

The process of learning the online Quran

Learning the Quran online has many benefits, but where to start? Through Quran Recital Academy, you can learn Quran online. It provides a wide range of Quran, Islamic, and Arabic Language courses for children and adults.

Sign up for the online class

To begin, sign up for a free trial class online. All you have to do is enter your personal information. which include

  • Email  

Email is required for communication regarding your class schedule and other matters.

  • Phone

Emails can sometimes be


 slow; if we are still waiting to receive a response, we may send an SMS.

Quran Trial Class

 Once you sign up, we will inform you by email about the Quran trial class. You can meet your instructor there and select the best course for your schedule.

 Book your that 

Tajweed Quran

Pronouncing each word correctly with the correct articulation points is essential to recite the Quran with Tajweed. This class, Tajweed for Beginners, teaches students the correct rules and sounds of Quranic verses. Students who complete this course will be able to understand the fundamental meanings of common words.


Quran memorization is known as “Hifz,” This course is designed specifically for those who want to memorize the Quran Kareen. However, there are no age restrictions in the Quran memorization online course. This course is open to students of any age, adult or child, male or female.

Quran Ijazah

Ijazah () is an Arabic word for authorization, approval, or permission. It ensures that scholars have a certificate of narration of texts, whether transmitted orally or in writing. By the end of this course, you will have learned the following:

 The Arabic Alphabet

Reading in the Arabic Language

The Fundamentals of Quran Reading      

Islamic Studies

This course will give you confidence in the following:

  • Correct understanding of fundamental Islam.
  • Increase the depth of religious connection.
  • Excellent knowledge of the Quran and Tafseer.
  • Better hold on to the conceptual belief.

Arabic Language

The Quran Recital Academy provides Arabic lessons for beginners without prior knowledge or understanding of the Arabic language. The primary goal of providing advanced Arabic courses is to enable students to write, read, and speak Arabic with a certain level of fluency.

Reading Quran

The most important aspect of being a Muslim is correctly reciting the Quran. It is essential to recite the Quran with the correct pronunciation.

Please provide us with feedback.

Ultimately, we will engage you to give feedback to help us assess performance.


I hope this will help you understand the importance of Quran learning and how to enrol for the online class and choose the best course.

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