Famous Converts to Islam

What are the Famous Converts to Islam Each Year?

According to the New York Times stats, 25,000 Americans convert to Islam yearly and proceed their lives as practicing Muslims. It indicates the popularity and frequency of the spreading of Islam globally.

Many famous converts to Islam from Christians have been noticed over the past decade. The more people study Islam, the more they love it and impress by its teachings and values it teaches.

This short blog post will discuss how the atheists and Christians are gradually entering the circle of Islam. Also, what are the major factors behind this conversion? Without any further ado, let’s get straight into it!

Main Reasons Behind the Famous Converts to Islam

The spread of Islam began in the early 17th Century during the life of the Last Prophet (SAW). Since then, people have been entering it. The major reasons behind the spreading are as follows:

o   Teachings of Islam

As per Islamic study online, no rich is superior to another, and no poor is lesser than a rich person. Islam clearly defines a person’s financial status as not a foundation to express their dignity.

The only thing which defines is their attitude towards humanity. This humanity lesson and equity have made many Christians and Earthians convert to Islam as no other religion offers it.

o   Advanced Education

Advanced Islamic education has also helped in its spreading. Muslims inaugurated their first Madarssa/Islamic schools during the Caliphate 661-750. Currently, many scientists and professors are researching several Quranic verses.

It has helped them understand basic scientific facts of the world and has been a significant cause for their conversion to Islam.

o   Financing and Trade

With the increased interest rates, it has been difficult for an individual to manage the payments in the current scenario. It is because the inflation rate has been very high in recent years.

Islam believes in creating ease for every individual. Therefore, it is strictly prohibited in Islam to pay or receive interest on any payments. This has made an image of Islam a friendly religion and pushed people to convert.

Famous Conversions to Islam

o   Maurice Bucaille

Maurice Bucaille was born and raised as a Christian. He studied at a well-known university and was known for his services as a surgeon in France. During his research on the Pharaoh mummy, he realized how Quran narrated these details 1200 years ago. This became the foundation of his conversion to Islam.

o   Arnoud Van Doorn

A former politician, Arnoud Van Doorn, also converted to Islam after leaving his political career. He converted in 2013 mainly because of the reaction of Muslims worldwide over the movie Fitna. He learned more about Islam and Quran and converted to Islam. Later, he visited Prophet’s (SAW) mosque to deliver an apology and perform Hajj.

o   Nailah Edwards

According to Nailah Edwards, converting to Islam was one of her best decisions in life. She experienced unusual activities in her new home, which made her test the Islamic teachings. This has become the main cause for her conversion to Islam.

Bottom Line

All of these famous converts to Islam are models for us to understand the significance and purity of this religion. We all should take online Arabic course and Quran lessons online to understand more about the concepts.

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