Learning Quran Is Easy Regardless Of Age or Conditions

Learning Quran Is Easy Regardless Of Age or Conditions
“This is the book in which there is guidance sure without doubt for those who believe.” (Baqarah 2:2)
The divine revelation is the perfect guidebook for our complicated lives; it includes all the fundamental, ethical teachings that will benefit our mortal bodies and souls.
Learning Quran Is Easy Regardless Of Age or Conditions

Learning Quran Is Easy Regardless Of Age or Conditions – Quran Recital

Since the Quran is the absolute depiction of every aspect of a human’s life, learning, and understanding, it becomes necessary, no matter the age or situation. Sometimes factors such as age become an obstacle for Muslims, and they give up hope to learn the word of God. However, age or any factor can never stop you from excelling in gaining knowledge and learning.

You can learn Quran at any age; don’t forget the example of our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The Prophet’s Miracle

The blessed Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him] was an unlettered man who had never acquired the ability to read and write. He (PBUH) was forty-years-old when the first revelation descended through Angel Gabriel. Though he had lived half his life, he strained and worked relentlessly to secure Allah’s words into his heart.

He studied and learned the glorious words from Angel Gabriel and then exhibited the teachings through his actions. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), our role model, teaches us that it is never too late to get on the right path and learn Quran.

You may wonder why Allah gave an uneducated man access to his holy words. The straightforward explanation is that the ability to read and write never determines your capability.

Lessons Learnt From The Quran

Quran encourages people of all ages and tongues (people who are unaware of the beautiful Arabic language) to strive for knowledge. Allah very mercifully considers learners’ hardships and awards them more if they face difficulties in their pronunciation or memorization. The magnificence of the words of Allah is beyond our perception.

Learning Quran brings significant changes to your everyday life and reassures you about the long-lasting afterlife journey. The eloquent words lingering in your mind will engrave their presence in your heart and encourage you to build character, also instilling a genuine connection with Allah in the process.

France’s Anti-Muslim Campaign

Recently, France has displayed some explicitly negative, anti-Muslim sentiments. After a teacher was murdered for showing offensive caricatures of the Prophet (peace be upon him), France is using this situation against Muslims. A French magazine republished the ludicrous images, calling it as exercising ‘freedom of speech.’ Nobody has the right to disrespect the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) or any prophet through such blasphemous methods.

In reality, it is an outright attempt to humiliate the Muslim population and make living conditions difficult for them. In these unfavorable times, where the world wants to point fingers at every Muslim, the Muslim community must not give in, teach their families the word of Allah and learn Quran and focus on building themselves and strengthening their faiths in Allah.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) himself endured years of slander and pain from his tribe, but he persisted with great belief in the one and only.

QuranRecital Is the Way to Learn Quran at Any Age and Place
Only the believers with Quran in their hearts will excel the long road of world trials and tribulations and enjoy the glorious afterlife Allah promises. In today’s day and age, it is easier to access and understand the word of God through online Quran academies such as QuranRecital. The online Quran academy has well-versed and experienced Arabic teachers, providing the best online Quran classes.

QuranRecital Is the Way to Learn Quran at Any Age and Place

How to learn Quran online easily with Tajweed at home

If you are in need of a qualified online Quran teacher for your children or you at any age or anywhere in the world, QuranRecital is the online Quran academy to opt for.


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