Importance of hijab in Islam - Protecting our modesty, Importance of hijab in Islam - Purpose of wearing the hijab

Recognizing The Concept Of Hijab And Its Importance

Importance of hijab in IslamHijab has always been a much talked about topic that has sparked many conflicts and misconceptions. The entire concept of the hijab and its importance has been under question. It is essential to recognize the theory, ideology, and significance of the hijab concisely so that we can witness the true essence of its beauty and galore.


What is Hijab? | Importance of hijab in Islam hadith

What does the quran actually say about hijab?Hijab is not just a piece of fabric that a Muslim woman garners around her head and neck; it’s a shield that she wraps around herself to guard her modesty, as mentioned in the Holy Quran:

“O Prophet! Say to your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers that they let down upon their over garments; this will be more proper, that they may be known, and thus they will not be given trouble; and Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.”

Reasons to wear hijab | Is hijab compulsory in Islam?

Hijab is not just a religious obligation in Islam but is a part of other religions that obligates women to cover themselves and guard their modesty.

What is Hijab?


What is the purpose of wearing the hijab?

Purpose of wearing a hijab

Hijab is a religious obligation that a woman has to practice devotedly, and this practice has importance for various reasons. If we want to understand the concept of the hijab, we need to look upon the purpose of observing a hijab in the first place. The few reasons why hijab is an integral part of our religious faith are:

Protecting our modesty


Protecting our modesty

The first purpose of wearing hijab is to protect our modesty and chastity by covering our bodies. Modesty is a valuable gem that we need to protect from every evil existing in society.

Covering our beauty from evils

Hijab is the best shield to cover our bodies from all evils that negatively affect us. Hijab provides us the confidence to live our lives without any sense of fear.

Acceptance in the society

Hijab gives a determination to step out of our homes without a sense of jitter. A woman does not have to showcase her beauty for acceptance in society.

Protection against abuse

Women have to face a lot of harm and abuse as soon as they step out of their homes. The hijab protects a woman against every kind of abuse and helps to give her contentment and relief.

What makes hijab exclusive?

Hijab is not just a mandatory obligation for covering our bodies. It is obligatory to lower our gaze and protect our eyes from the evil that exists around us.

Another thing that makes it exclusive is that both men and women must observe the hijab. While a woman has to lower and gaze and cover their body, men have to cover their bodies appropriately and lower their gaze as well.

The mandatory criteria for observing hijab

There are a few criteria that we have to follow to observe the hijab mentioned in the Holy Quran. The necessary points are as follows:

  • The dress you wear should be loose and not revealing.
  • Lowering your gaze every time you step out.
  • The clothes you wear should be modest and do not attract the converse.
  • The clothes you wear should not mirror the opposite sex.


The Holy Quran has described hijab as the best way to protect ourselves from abuse, harm, and all the evils that we might witness as soon as we step out of our homes. Therefore, the hijab has immense importance in Islam.

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