Concept of Burying and Pessimism in Islam

Concept of Burying and Pessimism in Islam

Would you like to learn more about the concept of burying and pessimism in Islam?

Queen Elizabeth, the British monarch, died at 96. She was set to be buried at St. George Chapel within the premises of Windsor Castle. It was one of the favorite homes of the Queen.

Her funeral is planned on September 19, 2022, at Westminster Abbey. The casket of the Queen will be transferred to Windsor Castle, 20 miles outside of central London. The Queen is said to be buried alongside her parents and husband.

According to Islamic teachings, the dead bodies of the departed souls are said to be buried as soon as possible. The entire process of burying the bodies was impressively explained with the crow’s help.

Later, in this short blog post, we will discuss the concept of burying and pessimism in Islam. And how Muslims and Islamic study online can help each other to stay positive.

Burying and Pessimism in Islam

How Did Crow teach to Bury the Departed Soul?

When Adam’s son Qaabeel killed Haabeel, Qaabeel panicked as to what to do with his brother’s corpse. Since no one had died before them as they were the first humans on the land. Qaabeel lept wandering around for hours with his brother’s corpse on his back.

While walking, he saw two crows quarreling with one and killing another. Qaabeel kept watching the crow when it began to dig the hole with paws and beak. After digging, it kept the dead crow in it and covered it with the soil again.

The Quran has described this incident as “Allah sent forth a crow (raven) scratching the ground, to show him (Qaabeel) how to hide his brother’s corpse.” People who have taken tajweed classes online would understand how the concept was explained.

He said,” Woe! To me, I was not even capable of being like this crow. I would hide my brother’s corpse; he remained remorseful.” (Surah Al-Maida, verse 31)

What is Pessimism?

Human life is a combination of dark and comforting parts. Every individual faces ups and downs, leading to the building of various personality traits. However, with constant defeat and disappointment, a person can develop pessimism.

Pessimism is a spiritual and painful disorder. It leaves unamendable defects in a person’s personality that are irreversible. Such people become sensitive, and as a result of solid revolt in feelings and emotions, pessimism can be more powerful.

The beauty and attraction of creation are not manifested in front of a person suffering from pessimism. It affects the spiritual mirror and has darkened the thoughts and every bit of happiness.

People suffering from this illness are more likely to lose advantageous abilities and fail to spot the kindness in others. All they could think of was negativity, and became unable to comprehend the intentions behind innocent acts. They are required to seek medical assistance to recover.

Bottom Line

We, as Muslims, have learned every detail about burying and pessimism in Islam. In the Quran lessons online, Allah said to spread kindness and create ease for everyone. As if you will create comfort for others, Allah will surely grant you the best in the world and life after death.

The Prophet Anas (RA) reported that the Prophet (SAW) said, “Make things easy and do not make them difficult. Cheer the people up by conveying glad tidings to them and do not repulse (them).”

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