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Understanding The Importance and Blessings of Rajab

Blessings of Rajab: Rajab is the 7th blessed month of the Islamic calendar that holds a special place among Muslims. The term Rajab comes from the Arabic word ‘Rajab”, which means respect. 

Importance of Rajab Islamic Month

Rajab is the month with infinite blessings and virtues. Rajab is followed by the holy months of Shaban and Ramadhan, and all of these months have tremendous importance.

Anas Ibn Malik (RA) is reported as saying:

“In the garden of paradise, there is a palace that no one may enter except for someone who makes a frequent practice of fasting during the month of Rajab.”

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Importance of the Month of Rajab | What is special about Rajab?

Rajab is the month that holds exclusive importance as this month has witnessed numerous miracles of Allah. Rajab is the month in which our beloved Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) went on the most sacred journey on the night of Isra Miraj. In this holy month, the parents of our beloved Prophet got married.

And, Aminah, the mother of our beloved Prophet, conceived during this month. Rajab is also known as the month of Allah, primarily because Muslims are bestowed with infinite blessings and rewards for their good deeds and repentance.

Shaban and Ramadhan, the Months of Immense Rewards

Shaban and Ramadhan are the two months following Rajab and are utterly significant and blessed. Fasting is an integral part of all these three months as it opens the doors of virtue, purity, happiness, and rewards from Allah. 

Although fasting is an important part, still there is no fixed count of days to fast during Rajab and Shaban, but fasting is mandatory in the month of Ramadhan for 30 days.

Due to the immense importance of these months, it is essential to prepare ourselves right from the start of Rajab to make the best use of these sacred months. But from where should we start?

If this question is boggling your mind, then let’s make a checklist of all the mandatory preparations that we have to do for these months:

1. Preparing ourselves mentally

First, it is essential to prepare ourselves mentally and physically for these months so that we can preach and practice to the maximum. Mental health is crucial to make the best use of these months, so we need to prepare ourselves accordingly.

2. Making peace

Fighting and quarreling are forbidden during these months. So, we need to observe peace and harmony with everyone as this is one the most  

3. Fasting during these sacred months

Fasting is a mandatory activity performed in these months in which we forbid ourselves to eat and drink anything all day till sunset. There are no limitations for fasting during Rajab and Shaban. Precisely, you can observe a fast any day you like. However, there is a particular number of days for fasting mentioned for practice in Ramadhan that is 30 days. Fasting not only purifies our body, but it also purifies our soul from all the evils.

4. Giving charity

Charity is another mandatory act that is emphasized to perform every other day during these sacred months. Charity not only helps the needy around you but opens your heart to feel for others and love everyone around you.

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5. Asking for repentance

These months give you the best opportunities to seek forgiveness from Allah as the doors of mercy are open for us so that we can repent and seek forgiveness from our creator.

Bottom Line | Importance of Rajab

Rajab, Shaban, and Ramadhan are the most celebrated and meaningful holy months that need to be observed according to the teaching of the Quran so that we can seek repentance from our creator and live a healthy and peaceful life.

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