QURANRECITAL is a trustworthy online learning academy for ISLAMIC subjects and QURAN MEMORIZATION and TEACHING.

We provide you with a free FIRST TRIAL class with a teacher to check your suitability and satisfaction with our guidance.

You are not billed here just for billing sake; instead, we can REFUND you in several cases. 

  • If we cancel lessons, you will get a full refund of any amounts you have paid us.

 Payment will be refunded to your Nominated Payment Source or (if that is not possible) to any other Card details you have provided us.

Suppose the approved lessons are canceled because QURANRECITAL has incurred a chargeback regarding payment for the approved classes. In that case, that payment will not be refunded by us.

 Any return of funds will be the matter of you and your issuing bank alone.

  • About cancelled lessons, you are not obliged to further pay us.
  • Suppose any fees or charges are imposed due to our error or system failure.

You just need to give us a copy of the relevant records, and we will reimburse you for the appropriate fees or charges.

  • You should notify us if you intend to cancel classes at least 8 hours before the lesson begins.

Excessive or late cancelling impacts teachers’ schedules and your credit rating.

The refund policy provides enough flexibility to our students without compromising teachers’ schedules as follows:

 1- If a lesson is canceled by one of our teachers, you will get full credit for all study plans.

 2- If a student cancels a class 8 hours or more before the lesson starts, he may earn a portion of the total credit rating for online courses.

  • If you cannot make payments due to financial constraints, kindly share your circumstances with us so we might help you.
  • Until you cancel lessons, you will be held responsible for the full payment of service according to your Payment Schedule.