How To Keep Up With Islamic Learning And Achieve Spirituality During These Hard Times

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The coronavirus outbreak

The coronavirus outbreak has us all staying in our homes. This means that educational institutes are closed. Schools have announced the indefinite shutdown. However, this pandemic brought opportunities to discover new ways of learning and teaching.

The whole situation has educational institutes focusing on online education. It is a form of education where students are given online lectures. Think of it as a virtual classroom where everything is the same except, we have to attend it from our homes.

Islamic Educational Centers Are Closed Due to Covid-19 Outbreak

Just like other educational institutes, Islamic cultural and educational centers, where thousands of Muslims get enrolled in hope to know about their religion, are closed as well. Closing of Islamic centers has put the whole Muslim Ummah in shock as many Muslims, from around the world love taking Quran, Bayan, and Hifz classes.

Now that the centers are closed, it puts their journey to gain Islamic knowledge in danger. Moreover, many might also feel as if there is a decrease in their spiritual and Iman level.

Despite whining about closed Islamic centers, one must seek other ways to achieve spirituality, especially in these hard times.

Here are some ways in which you can keep up with Islamic learning by staying at your home:

Read the Holy Quran Regularly with Its Meaning

To achieve spirituality and make your Iman stronger than ever, read Quran, even for 5 minutes regularly with its meaning. Whether you do it early morning at Fajr time or just before going to bed, reading Quranic verses followed by its meaning or translation has a snowball effect.

Reciting Quran with Tafseer does not only uplift your Iman but also that of your family members. Reading the Quran with translation helps you to reconnect with Allah. Moreover, you can also develop yourself into a role model in the long run for your children and spouse.

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Learning Quran At Masjid (Mosque)


Trade watching television once a week for attending Halaqa. Let the Imam in your area set it up online. Ensure that you and your family members attend it vigilantly.

The added benefit of attending online Halaqa apart from gaining spirituality is that you will become a role model for your children. When your family and friends will see you struggling to learn more about your religion, they will be encouraged to do the same.

This way, you will be taking your family to the right path- the path of Jannah.

Build A Masjid in Your Home

Delegate your house’s basement or a part of your house’s living room as a small masjid. It costs as low as USD 25 and you can get it done in a day or two.

However, one must be aware of the responsibilities of the house mosque. Not only do you have to clean it daily, but also call Adhan and wake people up for the Fajr prayer.

Establish an Islamic Library in Your Home

Equip your mini room library with audio, video cassettes, and books having different aspects of Islam. If, for example, your children like to know about the adventures of the prophets, make sure to have the right Islamic books for them that tell Islamic history.

Final Words

Many of us might find ourselves stressed out and worried, especially due to the coronavirus outbreaks. However, by achieving spirituality, we can strengthen our Iman and get ourselves fixed.

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