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All our classes and courses are One on One, Book your Trial suits your own schedule and learn Quran Online with our professional Arabic teachers .

whatever your age your welcome to start your class now
Join our students around the world ,we have student +70 years old ,New reverted and special needs

QuranRecital hire experienced Females Quran tutors with “Ijaza” to teach sisters and little girls so they can study their online Quran classes smoothly with female Quran experts online.
Our teachers from Females have full knowledge of Hafs and sho’baa
they have high ability to edit your pronunciation mistakes with tajweed rules as prophet Muhammad “PB UH” had taught through Jebreel.
through QuranRecital,you won’t study bored definitions of Tajweed ,you will learn how to understand the technique of improving your recitation through knowing articulations and correct sound of the letters.
Females student can easily have their classes in English and Arabic through Females Quran and Arabic teachers
Only few steps will reach female student to her Female Quran tutors by sending us Mail at [email protected]
Time and date sister needs her Trail and we will connect her with female Quran expert to start learning Quran online

QuranRecital hires Female Quran tutors have

*certification or Ijazah of memorization Quran with Tajweed from Madinah ,Mecca and Egypt

*communicate with student in English language perfectly.

*Native Arabic speakers to teach Arabic language and Quran

*Graduation form the most known universities and institutes especially from Egypt http://www.azhar.edu.eg/

and Mecca at Saudi Arabia from Headquarter http://maahadquran.com.sa/