Richard Miller

I don’t like to tell people what my religious preference is. I think that people who walk the path of goodness should be able to recognize each other without labeling each other, by observing the actions of one to the others. I took Shahada about six years ago now.

While I don’t read Quran as much as someone like Nehal, and I do not have it memorized, Nehal says I have the heart of understanding. I believe there’s a code in the Quran, and other texts from God (Christian Bible and Jewish Tanakh) the code reveals itself to allow us to see which path a person follows by listening to what that person quotes from the books. Do they quote about positive things? Or do they quote verses about killing?

If a person from any of the Books of God quotes to you the verses of killing, leave his presence, for he is lead by Shaitain. He may mask himself well, but his heart shows his true nature when he goes to quote from his preferred book of God. Leave him, or he will lead you down a dark road to death.

I believe it is very important to avoid trying to convince people to become Muslim. If their hearts lead them to decide to take Shahada, great. But, it should be without any fears or intimidation. One should not become Muslim to attempt to avoid being targeted by terrorists. Terrorists target Muslims as much as they target other people.

You must understand that when a man crosses over into terrorism, he completely throws away any reward he might get from God for good deeds. You cannot walk the path of peace while holding a gun. In Al-Baquera (the Cow) verse 256 it says “There shall be no compulsion in religion;” in words, or by force. Muslims should not proselytize.

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