Review for online tuition platform

I started learning the Quran at Al Madinah in Quran institute with a Quran teacher was from Pakistan but she was speaking Arabic fluently because of her living among Arabic community.

After that i moved to another Quran institute because we moved to a new home so my parents searched for another institute to be closer to me because i was going to the Quran institute on my foot “Walking” so i moved to a new Quran teacher .

Then we moved to mecca Makkah” because of my dad’s job so i left the institute and my friends and the teacher too.

After a year i moved to Cairo in Egypt and started studying hard so i stopped having Quran classes , when i started studying at the university and having assignments in my collage i realized that i must resume my Quran classes again so i joined the Masjid closer to me

After i finished my Bachelor studying i decided to join the Online platform to continue my Quran memorization and not having any barriers to stop my learning progress again so i joined the online Quran classes Professional academies plus of Free online tuition platforms and paid online classes .

My review after i had experiences with all that online institute i found that the paid Quran classes online is the best as your progress is on the way that you planned , you learn everything systematical with professional way plus of this your online lesson take a place wherever you or the tutor are because online classes break and beat the barriers of travelling not having a qualified tutors or you live in a country hasn’t a mosque closer to you

or the Free teacher has limited availability and this availability doesn’t fitting your time and studying.

So the Free online Quran classes is good but not fitting who want the improvement and progress of their tuition plan go on to get their goal in short term

Paid online Quran classes saving you money and your time improve your level in short term as you have systematical progress so when you compare the free with paid you find that the big deal is paid because of the free you are wasting time to find a great and qualified tutor , teacher might reject your joining to his group when it exceeded and you don’t have the option to choose the day and time .

Once i joined my online Quran lessons and i paid the money i got my Ijazah and memorized Al Jazaryyah plus studied all Tajweed rules as a professional have a great chance to have my classes in different countries like Malaysia, Thailand and Cairo so i don’t have the worries that my classes might stop or i’m gonna miss out any of my learning session as i can have anywhere once i have the internet .

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