Composition For Islamic History Of Prophet Muhammad Regarding Quarantine

With the rise of coronavirus patients, many people can only think about protecting themselves from this infectious disease.

Diseases and viruses have always been a part of human history. They have been here for centuries. However, the religion of Islam already sheds light on infectious diseases, pandemics, illnesses, and hygiene care.

International travel and globalization make the disease outbreaks even difficult to deal with. traveling from one country to another make it difficult for people to control the outbreak.

For example, the coronavirus started in China but when people did not take safety measures, it got spread in other countries like France, Pakistan, India, Germany, the United States, United Kingdom, etc.

Islam Is A Comprehensive Religion That Has Stated Guidelines About Pandemic 1400 Years Ago

The Holy Book of Quran was revealed to the last prophet, Muhammad. This is a comprehensive sacred book that explains every aspect of human life and worldly situation into account. This includes physical, spiritual, emotional, and psychological aspects of human life.

The prophet Muhammad emphasized upon and introduced hygienic practices a long time ago, probably 1400 years ago. At that time, there was little to no understanding of how infectious diseases spread like a fire.

Islamic History Regarding Hygiene by Prophet Muhammad

The last prophet referred to purity as being half of a Muslim person’s faith. While purity in the Quran refers to spiritual cleanliness, it also refers to physical cleanliness. It is written in the Holy Book bestowed upon the last prophet that Allah loves those who practice cleanliness.

Plagues and Infectious Diseases as Explained by Last Prophet

While visiting the sick is one of the greatest good deeds that a Muslim can indulge in, the last prophet, Muhammad, strictly restricted traveling and gathering in large crowds when it comes to the outbreak of infectious diseases and plagues.

He had instructed people not to travel and restrict themselves in quarantine if the spread of any disease is on-going.

He forbade his people of the ummah to go to a land where there is a plague. Similarly, he forbade his people of the ummah to not leave the land where there is a plague. Certainly, traveling will spread infectious diseases.

If we look into it closely, this is the same strategy that the modern health organizations are using.

According to the teachings of the prophet Muhammad, quarantine is essential, not only for the comfort of the infected individuals but also for the uninfected large public.

The teachings of prophet Muhammad regarding quarantine and the spread of deadly diseases were well ahead of his time. His teachings regarding cleanliness are not only beneficial to control the disease but to promote a healthy lifestyle as well.

Final Words

The modern hygiene guidelines regarding the coronavirus outbreak are inspired by the hygiene teachings of Islam revealed to humans around 1400 years ago. If only we could understand and abide by the teachings of the last prophet, Muhammad, we can surely stop the spread of coronavirus.

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