Online Quran Classes For Individuals With Special Needs

Understanding and memorizing Quran is the responsibility of every other Muslim. Many Muslim parents seem to teach their kids Quran along with worldly education so that they can succeed on this earth and in the hereafter as well. Since it has become a trend, many Muslims have engaged themselves in the online Arabic Quran and Tafseer classes. However, it is not an easy task for people who suffer from blindness, autism, or down syndrome.

Why People with Special Needs Require Extra Attention During Islamic Learning?

People with autism and Down syndrome have rebellious behavior. People with down syndrome and autism often like to be reserved and do not open up to everybody. Other than that, they might overreact to many situations. These symptoms make it hard for Islamic teachers and scholars to teach them the Quran.

However, many Islamic cultural centers are struggling to teach the Quran to individuals with down syndrome and autism.

Muslim parents from all around the world think that technology and wide use of the internet and smartphones could help their disabled children to learn Quran in the best way possible. Online Quran classes in Arabic are a great way for scholars to teach the Quran in the Arabic language along with its translation.

The online Quran classes have become more popular since the coronavirus outbreak. As mosques are banned all around the world, people are opting to continue their Islamic learning online. online Islamic learning has many benefits even in the normal routine. It saves your time and you do not have to commute to the Islamic center as well.

Commuting with autistic and blind people is quite difficult. That’s why a lot of Muslim families with autistic and blind members opt for online Quran classes.

How Is Quran Taught Online to Individuals with Special Needs?

To teach the Quran right to individuals with special needs, the scholars and cultural centers have the right Quran reciting system. They also teach proper reciting and ablution techniques so that autistic and blind individuals could perform them right.

Other than that, online Quran classes for special needs individuals also require tools for reciting the Quran. The system is usually equipped with a good quality audio system to carry out a smooth recitation of the Quran.

Other than that, the autistic individuals are shown pictorial charts that demonstrate how to perform wudu in steps.

By using the right audio and recitation systems, disabled children can learn about their religion in the right way.

Since the introduction of Online Quran classes, individuals with special needs have shown significant improvement in reciting the Quran and communicating with their teachers.

Islamic Learning Increases Emotional Development in Disabled Individuals

Just like a normal healthy Muslim, the individuals who are blind or have autism got the full right to learn the Quran and the teachings of the Last Prophet. Not only do these classes teach them to have patience but they also have a positive impact on their emotional development.

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