Composition For Islamic History Of Prophet Muhammad Regarding Quarantine

With the rise of coronavirus patients, many people can only think about protecting themselves from this infectious disease.

Diseases and viruses have always been a part of human history. They have been here for centuries. However, the religion of Islam already sheds light on infectious diseases, pandemics, illnesses, and hygiene care.

International travel and globalization make the disease outbreaks even difficult to deal with. traveling from one country to another make it difficult for people to control the outbreak.

For example, the coronavirus started in China but when people did not take safety measures, it got spread in other countries like France, Pakistan, India, Germany, the United States, United Kingdom, etc.

Islam Is A Comprehensive Religion That Has Stated Guidelines About Pandemic 1400 Years Ago

The Holy Book of Quran was revealed to the last prophet, Muhammad. This is a comprehensive sacred book that explains every aspect of human life and worldly situation into account. This includes physical, spiritual, emotional, and psychological aspects of human life.

The prophet Muhammad emphasized upon and introduced hygienic practices a long time ago, probably 1400 years ago. At that time, there was little to no understanding of how infectious diseases spread like a fire.

Islamic History Regarding Hygiene by Prophet Muhammad

The last prophet referred to purity as being half of a Muslim person’s faith. While purity in the Quran refers to spiritual cleanliness, it also refers to physical cleanliness. It is written in the Holy Book bestowed upon the last prophet that Allah loves those who practice cleanliness.

Plagues and Infectious Diseases as Explained by Last Prophet

While visiting the sick is one of the greatest good deeds that a Muslim can indulge in, the last prophet, Muhammad, strictly restricted traveling and gathering in large crowds when it comes to the outbreak of infectious diseases and plagues.

He had instructed people not to travel and restrict themselves in quarantine if the spread of any disease is on-going.

He forbade his people of the ummah to go to a land where there is a plague. Similarly, he forbade his people of the ummah to not leave the land where there is a plague. Certainly, traveling will spread infectious diseases.

If we look into it closely, this is the same strategy that the modern health organizations are using.

According to the teachings of the prophet Muhammad, quarantine is essential, not only for the comfort of the infected individuals but also for the uninfected large public.

The teachings of prophet Muhammad regarding quarantine and the spread of deadly diseases were well ahead of his time. His teachings regarding cleanliness are not only beneficial to control the disease but to promote a healthy lifestyle as well.

Final Words

The modern hygiene guidelines regarding the coronavirus outbreak are inspired by the hygiene teachings of Islam revealed to humans around 1400 years ago. If only we could understand and abide by the teachings of the last prophet, Muhammad, we can surely stop the spread of coronavirus.

How To Keep Up With Islamic Learning And Achieve Spirituality During These Hard Times

coronaVirus Stay Safe Stay Home

The coronavirus outbreak has us all staying in our homes. This means that educational institutes are closed. Schools have announced the indefinite shutdown. However, this pandemic brought opportunities to discover new ways of learning and teaching.

The whole situation has educational institutes focusing on online education. It is a form of education where students are given online lectures. Think of it as a virtual classroom where everything is the same except, we have to attend it from our homes.

Islamic Educational Centers Are Closed Due to Covid-19 Outbreak

Just like other educational institutes, Islamic cultural and educational centers, where thousands of Muslims get enrolled in hope to know about their religion, are closed as well. Closing of Islamic centers has put the whole Muslim Ummah in shock as many Muslims, from around the world love taking Quran, Bayan, and Hifz classes.

Now that the centers are closed, it puts their journey to gain Islamic knowledge in danger. Moreover, many might also feel as if there is a decrease in their spiritual and Iman level.

Despite whining about closed Islamic centers, one must seek other ways to achieve spirituality, especially in these hard times.

Here are some ways in which you can keep up with Islamic learning by staying at your home:

Read the Holy Quran Regularly with Its Meaning

To achieve spirituality and make your Iman stronger than ever, read Quran, even for 5 minutes regularly with its meaning. Whether you do it early morning at Fajr time or just before going to bed, reading Quranic verses followed by its meaning or translation has a snowball effect.

Reciting Quran with Tafseer does not only uplift your Iman but also that of your family members. Reading the Quran with translation helps you to reconnect with Allah. Moreover, you can also develop yourself into a role model in the long run for your children and spouse.


Trade watching television once a week for attending Halaqa. Let the Imam in your area set it up online. Ensure that you and your family members attend it vigilantly.

The added benefit of attending online Halaqa apart from gaining spirituality is that you will become a role model for your children. When your family and friends will see you struggling to learn more about your religion, they will be encouraged to do the same.

This way, you will be taking your family to the right path- the path of Jannah.

Build A Masjid in Your Home

Delegate your house’s basement or a part of your house’s living room as a small masjid. It costs as low as USD 25 and you can get it done in a day or two.

However, one must be aware of the responsibilities of the house mosque. Not only do you have to clean it daily, but also call Adhan and wake people up for the Fajr prayer.

Establish an Islamic Library in Your Home

Equip your mini room library with audio, video cassettes, and books having different aspects of Islam. If, for example, your children like to know about the adventures of the prophets, make sure to have the right Islamic books for them that tell Islamic history.

Final Words

Many of us might find ourselves stressed out and worried, especially due to coronavirus outbreak. However, by achieving spirituality, we can strengthen our Iman and get ourselves fixed.

How To Cope With Ramadan Activities During Covid-19

With the COVID-19 outbreak affecting millions of people worldwide, the holy month of Ramadan which has already started on 23rd April seems to be very different this year.

For Muslims, the month of Ramadan is one of the most sacred and revered months of the year. It is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar and the same month in which Allah revealed the first few verses of the Holy Quran to Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

Around 1.6 million Muslims are expected to fast daily this Ramadan. They will abstain from drinking and east from sunrise to sunset, even during the pandemic to worship Allah.

This year, people are worried about the month of Ramadan as the lockdown and restrictions on Ramadan activities has bounded many people to break the fast at their homes, without their relatives.

Even though some might think of this situation as unfavorable but it is high time that we focus only on the act of worshipping. The ban on iftar parties, large gatherings, and feasts will move us closer to Allah. This year, our focus is going to be on worshipping Allah and fasting the right way.

But how can we practice Ramadan activities while we all are surrounded by the negative traits of coronavirus outbreak?

Here are some ways in which you can cope with Ramadan activities during COVID-19:

Host A Virtual Iftar

This Ramadan, we will be missing the community iftar parties and iftar with our friends and family. so, it would be very fun to host a virtual iftar with your family, especially if they are far away.

All you have to do this bring your laptop to the table, break your fast, and enjoy the meal together as a family.

Pray Tarawih At Home

A lot of mosques in Muslim countries have banned Tarawih prayers. Even though it is for our betterment, it is quite hard to resist ourselves to stop going to the mosque.

But there’s another way of praying Tarawih. You can lead Tarawih prayers at your home, especially if you have children.

Praying Tarawih together with your family does not only strengthen your Iman but also helps you to get closer to your family during this month.

Take Online Bayan Classes

Many Muslims, especially female Muslims actively take Bayan classes where scholars preach and summarize the meaning of Quran verses. Now that many mosques are banned, Bayan classes are hard to conduct.

However, there are many online Islamic platforms where renowned and knowledgeable scholars conduct Bayan classes. Not only will taking online classes keep you safe at home but you can give as much time to it as you want.

Give Charity Through Online Platforms

There are many online platforms out there that accept charity for deserving individuals and families. A lot of people give out charity in the month of Ramadan. So, you can give online charity and even donations to trustworthy organizations that ensure that your charity will go to the right deserving people.

Final Thoughts

This year’s Ramadan is hard on Prophet Muhammad’s Ummah as not only do they have to fast but cope with the COVID-19 situation as well. However, practicing the above Ramadan activities could help you focus better on worshipping Allah.

Our Tutors

At Quran Recital, we have taken great pains to get some of the most qualified, most versatile Quran tutors in the world to help provide our students with the right knowledge of the Holy Book. Regardless of what your skill or knowledge level is, rest assured that we will be able to help you understand the Quran – both in text and in meaning.

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Our tutors have a knowledge of Sho’baa and Hafs, as well as a deep knowledge of the Quran that always comes in handy when taking lessons. Rest assured that they will be able to help keep you grounded, while also building you both in your educational and spiritual knowledge.

Our tutors can edit your pronunciation mistakes with the rules of Tajweed, thus helping you to interpret and pronounce the words in the Quran like Prophet Muhammed (PBUH). With their guidance, we can assure our students that they will be able to learn and master Arabic and the Quran in little to no time.

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  1. Certification or Ijazah of memorization Quran with Tajweed from Madinah, Mecca and Egypt
  2. Communicate with students in English language perfectly. 
  3. Native Arabic speakers to teach Arabic language and Quran

Important Tips to Memorize Quran

Quran: The Greatest Miracle 

The final Word of Allah SWT, a complete guidebook for this World and the hereafter, is the essence of Quran. It is complete in all aspects and demands that it be followed to the word if one wishes to be successful in both worlds. It was bestowed on the Holy Prophet PBUH in the span of 23 years and in the most beautiful language out there i.e. the Arabic language

Out of all the amazing miracles that the Prophet Muhammad PBUH showed to the world, none is greater than the Quran. No other book, as long as Quran, is half as easy to memorize as it is to learn Quran. They beauty of it lies in how you can do it all yourself without a dedicated Quran teacher, if you’re willing. 

The Benefits of Memorizing Quran

To learn Quran is the easiest shortcut to Allah’s blessings which then leads straight to Jannah. If one has the blessings of Allah SWT, he also excels in this life. He is looked after by Angels and bad tidings are warded off. Things like mental health deterioration are never faced by one who has Quran in in his heart. 

We must all strive to learn Quran, memorize it and apply it in our lives. Especially as it has been so much easier with the advancement of technology. Quran teachers, from all over the World are a click away and there are no more language barriers. You can just as easily learn Quran in Arabic online as you can get access to Quran classes in English! 

Tips and Tricks to Memorizing Quran

Now that you have an idea of the benefits of memorizing Quran, you must be eager to do so. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you in this holy journey. 

Prepare a Secluded Working Space 

The etiquette of reciting and memorizing Quran requires that you give it respect and do it in complete silence and peace of mind. Achieving such an environment is important in determining how effective your learning will be. 

Do Not Over Stress Your Mind

Only memorize a bit less than your comfort level and don’t push yourself too much. That way you will end up not retaining the knowledge. 

Keep Repeating The Verses You Learn

Repetition is the key to memorizing Quran. The verses you learn daily, you should repeat all the time, throughout the day. This way they get committed to memory. 

Utilize New Verses In Namaaz

The 5 times mandatory prayer is a great help in memorizing Quran. Recite the newly memorized verses in Salah to commit them to memory. 

Learn About Islam and It’s Rich History

The Quran is full of parables with references to Islamic events. Memorizing them becomes a lot easier if you know the background. Hence, taking a course of Islamic Studies can be very beneficial in memorizing Quran .

Although taking courses online can come with a small fee, most places offer a free trial so you can gauge how much it is helping you. Quran teachers are the best for Islamic Studies as well.

Is it Worth Learning Quran Online?

The answer to this question is quite simply yes as it is never not worth it to learn The Holy Qur’an through any mean. Learning The Qur’an is a thing of great honor and reverence in our Deen which values any sort of learning as Ibadah (prayer). 

Our Mission in Light of Hadith

In the words of The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), “God, His Angels and  all those in Heavens and Earth, even ants in their hills and fish in the water, call down blessings on those who instruct others in beneficial knowledge”. Following in the footsteps of the Prophet (PBUH) himself, we are dedicated to teaching Quran Arabic online to those who are willing to expand the horizons of their knowledge. 

The Convenience of Learning Quran Online

To learn Quran online is indeed the most efficient way as can be seen from the following points. 

Diversity of Quran Teachers

Learning must be the ultimate goal irrespective of the way the knowledge is gained. It can easily be gauged that to learn Quran online is the most efficient way out there. It comes with the ability to choose from a variety of scholars from all around the World as a Quran teacher. You can not get this liberty in any other way. 

Saves Time 

To learn Quran through the Internet obviously saves times and gives you the liberty to learn whenever it is feasible to you. You do not have to disrupt your entire schedule in making time to learn Quran. 

Saves Money

To waste money is also a grave sin and so choosing a method of learning that ultimately saves money is also beneficial in itself. Although it costs money to learn Quran online but the money you save on transport and fees of the Scholar through other means ultimately surpasses this online fees. Not to mention that since time is money, you’re directly saving money through saving time.

If, however, you’re still hesitant in paying an online fee then don’t worry because most services have online free trial option ready to be availed.

Get a Chance to Look at Quran and Islam In-Depth

As the amount of people you can interact with online far surpasses those around you, you get a more detailed outlook in Deen. Things like getting to know general Islamic Studies based on teachings of Quran, to learn Quran in English or to learn to recite Quran with Tajweed are some of the things that improve when you have access to the knowledge of more than one Quran teacher.

A Much Better Grip on Arabic Language

The Quran can only be understood well if you are eloquent in Arabic. Without learning Quran online, you can only learn from non-native speakers. Online, however, you can learn the Arabic Language from native speakers which has tons of benefits.


Some of the benefits of learning Quran online that are mentioned above leave no doubt as to how effective it can be. The ultimate goal is to learn Quran and at the end of the day, however you choose to do that is beneficial to you. However, if you end up saving time and money while getting a better understanding, it’s a cherry on top! 

Attainment of Inner Peace: How Do Islam and Quran Help? 

Inner Peace

Inner peace is a blissful state of mind in which the person is completely at peace, physically and spirituality, with everything around him and himself. The last part of the previous sentence is the essence of achieving inner peace. Only someone who is completely content with himself can achieve the state of mind that is inner peace.

Islam and Inner Peace

Islam is a complete Deen that not only dictates the afterlife but aptly explains the ways of this world. If followed, it has the potential to bring inner peace to all who seek for it. The concept of inner peace in Islam is so deep-rooted that it reflects clearly in Muslims’ greetings. As-Salam-Alaikum translates to “may Allah SWT bless you with peace”. 

Inner Peace Through Learning Quran

What better way could there be to achieve inner peace than to attain closeness to The Creator Allah SWT. The easiest and best method to do that is to learn Quran and implement its teachings in one’s daily life. With the advent of technology, it is now easier than ever to learn Quran Arabic online or learning to recite Quran with Tajweed and properly. There is not even a language barrier anymore as you can get Quran classes in English, the most widely spoken language out there. Any local scholar can suffice as your Quran teacher but for a truly remarkable experience, it is suggested to find a Quran teacher

teacher who is well-versed in Arabic language. 

It is not completely wrong to say that to learn Quran is to attain inner peace but not completely correct as well. The reason for this is that, just learning it can only take you so far while applying it in your daily life is what propels you to lifelong prosperity. 

Inner Peace Through Remembrance of Allah SWT

Performing zikr and always having the name of Allah SWT on your tongue can go a long way in your quest for inner peace. Verily in the remembrance of our Creator lies in road to salvation and serenity. 

Inner Peace Through Service of Others 

Helping others carries with it a great level of mental satisfaction that is hard to put in to words. With Islam, along with mental satisfaction it also brings a high level of spiritual satisfaction. This is because the Deen of Islam gives great importance to service of others. The word ‘others’ here refers not only to human beings but also all living things. Everything that is a creation of God Almighty deserves love and respect.

Being good to others is rewarded by Allah SWT with tranquility and peace. 

Inner Peace Through Studying Islam’s history

Islam is as old as the world itself. When Prophet Adam AS came to Earth, he brought with him the Deen of Allah SWT. It was formally shaped into Islam with the coming of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Throughout Islam’s history, one finds exemplary behavior of the Prophets PBUH and the Sahaba RA. If one studies their lives, he finds that they were most at peace with themselves. 

A formal education of Islamic Studies can enlighten a man 10 folds in the art of achieving inner peace. Such courses are easily available online for meagre fee or even obtain free trials and proceed further accordingly. 

الشمسُ تُداعب النهر

الغروب وانغماس الشمس في الماء من أجل المشاهد الرومانسية التي قد تراها عيناك وأنت في حالة تأمل مع النفس وفي حالة صمت وتفكير عميق بين الحاضر والمستقبل

دعنا نتفق إلى أننا لن نتطرق إلى التفكير في الماضي حيث أن ذكرياته الحلوة و المُرَّة لن تعود مرة أخرى لذا فنحن هنا مع أشعة الشمس الحارّة نوعا ما والنهر والشجر وعليل الهواء النقي الذي يتخلل ثيابك وأنفاسك

ألق نظرة إلى النهر ستجد مراكب باهظة الثمن يملؤها الصخب والضجيج وأخرى بسيطة من خشب يملؤها السلام والهدوء والابتسماة السمراء التي تلونت جراء تعرضها اليومي لأشعة الشمس فأكسبها اللون الأسمر اللامع

لون الماء السماوي أو المائل إلى الزرقة المختلطة بشفافية الماء مع اللون الذهبي لأشعة الشمس والمزيج الأخضر المريح للأعصاب من الزرعات والشجيرات والنباتات والصبارات يضفي للجلسة معنى عميق ممتع وخلَّاب

من فترة لأخرى نحتاج لجلسة هادئة صامتة مع النفس كي نفكر بعمق وارتياح من ضغوطات الحياة ومتاعبها وأشغالها ، الملفت للنظر أن الكثير يأتون لالتقاط الصور وانشغوا عن روعة المنظر الذي يحتاج إلى تأمل فقط

الشمس تعانق النهر في نهاية اليوم وتغوص يه بينما تحرسه الأشجار وهي هادئة مستكينة مظللة علي النهر بظلها ورائحتها العطرة ، ليت كل ما يتعلق بالطبيعة يظل دون مال ، استثمار الأماكن ذات المناظر الخلابة ماديا لإنشاء مقهى أو مطعم يدر ملايين الأموال يُفقد الطبيعة جمالها البكر الخلّاب

Review for online tuition platform

I started learning the Quran at Al Madinah in Quran institute with a Quran teacher was from Pakistan but she was speaking Arabic fluently because of her living among Arabic community.

After that i moved to another Quran institute because we moved to a new home so my parents searched for another institute to be closer to me because i was going to the Quran institute on my foot “Walking” so i moved to a new Quran teacher .

Then we moved to mecca Makkah” because of my dad’s job so i left the institute and my friends and the teacher too.

After a year i moved to Cairo in Egypt and started studying hard so i stopped having Quran classes , when i started studying at the university and having assignments in my collage i realized that i must resume my Quran classes again so i joined the Masjid closer to me

After i finished my Bachelor studying i decided to join the Online platform to continue my Quran memorization and not having any barriers to stop my learning progress again so i joined the online Quran classes Professional academies plus of Free online tuition platforms and paid online classes .

My review after i had experiences with all that online institute i found that the paid Quran classes online is the best as your progress is on the way that you planned , you learn everything systematical with professional way plus of this your online lesson take a place wherever you or the tutor are because online classes break and beat the barriers of travelling not having a qualified tutors or you live in a country hasn’t a mosque closer to you

or the Free teacher has limited availability and this availability doesn’t fitting your time and studying.

So the Free online Quran classes is good but not fitting who want the improvement and progress of their tuition plan go on to get their goal in short term

Paid online Quran classes saving you money and your time improve your level in short term as you have systematical progress so when you compare the free with paid you find that the big deal is paid because of the free you are wasting time to find a great and qualified tutor , teacher might reject your joining to his group when it exceeded and you don’t have the option to choose the day and time .

Once i joined my online Quran lessons and i paid the money i got my Ijazah and memorized Al Jazaryyah plus studied all Tajweed rules as a professional have a great chance to have my classes in different countries like Malaysia, Thailand and Cairo so i don’t have the worries that my classes might stop or i’m gonna miss out any of my learning session as i can have anywhere once i have the internet .