Nehal Ahmed Gohar

Nehal Ahmed Gohar

I would like to share my biography with all my students and new customers too to know who’s Nehal ?

I got my certificate from the headquarters in mecca the institute of the Quran studies at rewayat (Recital method) sho’abaa and Hafs bin Asim.

I’m working recently as a Quran tutor for more than six years by teaching online Quran classes and virtual classrooms , teaching females and children the Holey Quran and Arabic language too, I’m a you-Tuber , and i have my Facebook page Nehal Gohar and YouTube channel with the same name.

I have been teaching autism syndrome kids too for two years and the Quran helped them to recover and to decrease the stutter.

working online or remotely doesn’t mean i’m not working in person , I used to work at Al-Husary association in Cairo as a Quran teacher for children then I worked in mecca at masjid at As-shwqeyah as a volunteer teacher.

I was a volunteer teacher for students of the faculty of engineering in Cairo, By learning Groups of females student correct reading with Tajweed and memorization too.

Otherwise , I offer Free classes for old women who are Plus 70 to help them memorize or read the Quran correctly with more confidence.

My main job was a journalist , I adore this career but I’m lucky to make shift cateer . I’m writing articles now online related to Islamic topics , Quran tips, or about travelling experiences.

When i was at Al-Madinah (the prophet’s city) i Started my journey with Koran Kareem by joining Quran schools and institute , My journey continued until i moved to mecca and i got certified too from the main institute for Quranic studies there .

I lived in Saudi Arabia about 25 years and Now i’m living in Cairo. I visited Malaysia and Thailand , From my experience i’m writing articles from Islamic perspective to merge the real life with the Islamic teaches.

WilI Would be happy for any student wants to join my class , No worries about the prices or fees .