Online Classes

What i will learn in the class?

Actually this common question for students who has never ever joined an online classes for the Quran or Arabic language.

The answer is simple , what do you expect ?

to join an online Quran recital lesson you will have a private tutor qualified to learn you the correct recitation and reading of the holey Quran .

Quran Recital offers a FREE trial so you can attend your online class with the tutor and live the experience without paying money in advanced its an easy step , All what you need to do is book a Free trial and pick the time and go online with your teacher to see how is going.

Quran Recital promises you to have a great experience with the tutor who is an expert and has been teaching for many years online so your tutor has the ability to figure out what exactly you want to learn in the online class.

We have reached to many students whole over the world and Quran Recital was able to achieve the goal which is teaching the recitation of Koran Kareem for kids and females with affordable prices in their homes and without needs to car to get them to the mosque or the institute . Easily females students or children having their class and the Quran Lesson online via tablet or the smart phone.

Online classes and all Online lessons Quran Recital , Arabic or Islamic studies through Quran Recital are recorded so you can re-play your online class again and again to r ember and to review your the lesson .

Tutors who are working with Quran Recital using many materials and Graphics charts through their online class with the student to make the online 30 minutes lesson or the hour of the lesson very interactive and make the tuition progress interesting.

The benefits of online lessons with Quran Recital that the student can easily RESCHEDULE the class Remotely if he or she won’t able to have the class on time and have a Make-up class at another time online with his tutor.

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