Helpful Links

There are some of helpful links for all students who are searching for improving their learning Quran online

1-listen to Online Quran Audio for Egyptian and Saudian reciters to help you read Quran correctly. Helps you to listen to your Reader online.

2- Saying and teaching of prophet Muhammed (Peace Be Upon Him)
you can blindly check collection of hadith compiled by Imam Muhammad al-Bukhari.
All what you need to know about belifs, Revelation, Ablution(wudu), Bathing(ghusl), Etc

3- Ayat is an Quranic application available for all devices Pc, Tablet, IPhone Android, Windows and Mac ,Linux “Ayat”.
You can repeat the verse as much as you can, Learn Quran online through Ayat App.
This app offers tafsir(interpretaion) for Ibn Katheer, Assady,,etc
otherwise you can choose your favorite online teacher like Al-Husary, Al-Minshawy, Assudis or Ayman Swayed
It Has online Quran with Tajweed edition and Warsh edition too.

4- Learn online Quranic Tajweed through which offers Online lessons for Tajweed and the rules of reading Quran Kareem in English, So you can have an online Quran Tajweed lesson easily via one click.

5- Here you can watch Mecca 24/7 through Live streaming from MakkahLive Al-Masjed Al-Haram and listen online to best Recitacioons of Quran by Famous Reciters

6- You can watch Madinah (city of the prophet Muhammed) Live and listen to his saying and teachinf (Hadith Sharif) in Arabic with subtitles in English