How To Cope With Ramadan Activities During Covid-19

With the COVID-19 outbreak affecting millions of people worldwide, the holy month of Ramadan which has already started on 23rd April seems to be very different this year.

For Muslims, the month of Ramadan is one of the most sacred and revered months of the year. It is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar and the same month in which Allah revealed the first few verses of the Holy Quran to Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

Around 1.6 million Muslims are expected to fast daily this Ramadan. They will abstain from drinking and east from sunrise to sunset, even during the pandemic to worship Allah.

This year, people are worried about the month of Ramadan as the lockdown and restrictions on Ramadan activities has bounded many people to break the fast at their homes, without their relatives.

Even though some might think of this situation as unfavorable but it is high time that we focus only on the act of worshipping. The ban on iftar parties, large gatherings, and feasts will move us closer to Allah. This year, our focus is going to be on worshipping Allah and fasting the right way.

But how can we practice Ramadan activities while we all are surrounded by the negative traits of coronavirus outbreak?

Here are some ways in which you can cope with Ramadan activities during COVID-19:

Host A Virtual Iftar

This Ramadan, we will be missing the community iftar parties and iftar with our friends and family. so, it would be very fun to host a virtual iftar with your family, especially if they are far away.

All you have to do this bring your laptop to the table, break your fast, and enjoy the meal together as a family.

Pray Tarawih At Home

A lot of mosques in Muslim countries have banned Tarawih prayers. Even though it is for our betterment, it is quite hard to resist ourselves to stop going to the mosque.

But there’s another way of praying Tarawih. You can lead Tarawih prayers at your home, especially if you have children.

Praying Tarawih together with your family does not only strengthen your Iman but also helps you to get closer to your family during this month.

Take Online Bayan Classes

Many Muslims, especially female Muslims actively take Bayan classes where scholars preach and summarize the meaning of Quran verses. Now that many mosques are banned, Bayan classes are hard to conduct.

However, there are many online Islamic platforms where renowned and knowledgeable scholars conduct Bayan classes. Not only will taking online classes keep you safe at home but you can give as much time to it as you want.

Give Charity Through Online Platforms

There are many online platforms out there that accept charity for deserving individuals and families. A lot of people give out charity in the month of Ramadan. So, you can give online charity and even donations to trustworthy organizations that ensure that your charity will go to the right deserving people.

Final Thoughts

This year’s Ramadan is hard on Prophet Muhammad’s Ummah as not only do they have to fast but cope with the COVID-19 situation as well. However, practicing the above Ramadan activities could help you focus better on worshipping Allah.

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