What We Do?

The Arabic language is one with a great heritage in several fields, including science, theology, and literature, all in addition to being the language in which the Quran was written.

At Quran Recital, we provide an easy and comprehensive guide that will help people of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels to understand the language, thus helping to bolster their understanding of the Quran. 

With our course, you will be able to:

  1. Identify objects with words
  2. Accurately combine words to form sentences
  3. Produce sentences that we can use in life situations
  4. Get a grasp of activities, introductions, and the use of Arabic language in daily life
  5. Understand the Quran, as well as its origins with the Arabic language
  6. Learn how to use daily vocabulary and converse in the Arabic language, while also improving your ability to read the Quran seamlessly.

Rest assured that our lessons have been incredibly simplified. So, you will be able to understand what we’re introducing to you, regardless of what your skill level is. The objective is to improve your vocabulary and help you to understand the Arabic language more, thus improving your ability to read and understand the Quran.

We will take you through reading, memorizing, and speaking the Arabic language. This way, you’ll be able to understand the Quran as well and improve your understanding of Allah’s principles.

The Quran Memorizing Study

In the Muslim community, we have the Hafiz, who have taken the time and work of memorizing the Quran. These people are seen as pillars of the community, and their expertise is usually called upon whenever there are disputes or other issues that will need some form of clarification. They’re called upon for their guidance, interpretations, and counsel.

The task of memorizing the Quran involves a physical and mental effort that can help to build a person’s relationship with the divine. It can also help you to develop a strong relationship with your surroundings and the people who live around you.

At Quran Recital, we provide a seamless, comprehensive Quran memorization course that is capable of making you a bonafide scholar. There’s no education or age restriction on anyone who is able to read and study the word of Allah, and that is why we’ve been able to streamline our lessons to ensure that anyone can understand it.

It will be a challenging journey, but it will also be rewarding if you have the right tutors. This is what we’re hoping to provide for you. Thanks to the expertise of our instructors, Quran memorization will be as easy as possible. Every instructor at Quran Recital is a qualified educationist with a passion for teaching and the things of Islam. With them guiding you, rest assured that you’ll be a master of the Quran in little to no time.

Our program is divided into different levels, all with the aim of helping people to incorporate the Quran recital and memorization course seamlessly. 

Arabic Reading & Writing

If you’re looking to get into the beginning and rudiments of the Arabic language, the reading and writing will be perhaps the first thing for you to master. You can’t communicate via the Quran if you’re unable to read what it says, so it’s important that you get acquainted with it and understand how to read words and sentences moving forward.

With Quran Recital, we will be able to help in this regard. Our scholars will be able to teach you the rudiments of Arabic grammar, including word construction and other important aspects. This way, we can help you to build an in-depth understanding of the language.

With our tutoring, everyone will get to clearly understand how to construct sentences in Arabic, as well as the rules that guide an understanding of applying notions. We can assure you that you will be able to build a complete and encompassing knowledge of the language.

Arabic writing and reading is an important part of building the skills to help you speak and converse with others in the language. They will also help you to pick up a Quran and read it without any stress.

Apart from the Quean, it’s also important to keep in mind that there is a myriad of books and historical texts that can help you come to a better understanding of Islam and what it means to be a strong, faithful Muslim. Most of these texts and books are written in Arabic, and you’ll need to build an ability to read and write in the language for you to effectively understand their contents as well.  

The Arabic reading and writing course was designed by scholars, and it focuses on helping the learner to develop a basic understanding of the Arabic language. From recognizing letters and words to connecting sentences, we’ll be going through it all.

Arabic Speaking

One of the most important things you will need to learn when dealing with Arabic is writing. You will need to understand the words and syllables, as well as how to speak the language itself whenever you either see it written down or whether you’re in the midst of a conversation. This is what our Arabic writing course teaches you.

At Quran Recital, we will provide you with expert teachers, who will give you their undivided attention and help to ensure your personal understanding. Through our live speaking classes, you will be able to get the type of focus and attention that will help you to improve on your speaking skills to a significant degree.

Our tutors will also provide effective practice drills and tips that will help you to translate what you’ve been taught into real life. Our review and practice drills will help us to effectively assess your skill level, thus giving us an idea of how best to move forward with your tutoring.

Conversational Arabic is a significant step in your mission to understand the language and the writings of Allah in the Quran, so this will be one of the areas where we will focus on the most.

We will also be customizing the lesson module to your needs, thus helping you to get what you came to us for directly. By doing this, we can ensure proper flexibility and help you to speed up your learning process. Tailoring the lessons to your specific needs will also help to provide an easy way for us to judge progress

Help to build your speaking skills from top to bottom

At Quran Recital, we also have an objective for teaching you how to speak Arabic – we want to help you to understand and to be able to go out into the community and converse seamlessly.

So, we have designed our teaching module to help you learn how to speak the language, both in reading and in daily conversations. By learning how to speak, we will be providing you with confidence to go out there and engage in healthy, progressive conversations with anyone in the dialect.

At the same time, we also focus on bolstering your learning and comprehension skills, so you can read the Quran and build a proper interpretation of what the book says.

Al-Noraniah Foundation

Mastering the entire art of Quranic recitation, as well as the rules of Tajweed, isn’t an easy task by any standards. It’s especially challenging for people who don’t have Arabic as their native language.

However, Al-Norainah is a stable of Tajweed students that has provided significant help, thanks in no small part to its proven methodology. Several prominent Qaris have used the Al-Norainah method, while millions have also used the lessons to learn how to read the Quran quickly and more effectively.

The Al-Norainah method is essentially great due to the ease with which the Tajwed rules are taught. Any Muslim will be able to use the method to read and recite the Quran seamlessly, and the method is also great because it doesn’t require knowledge of the Arabic language to be taught. Still, you’ll be able to recite the Quran from cover to cover when you’re done.

The Al-Norainah program will be able to teach a solid practical knowledge of Tajweed, which will help in bolstering your ability to read the Quran. It also works in quick time – most Al-Norainah graduates are able to read the Quran from beginning to end in less than a year.

The program will go through an easy and systematic system that will help everyone, regardless of their knowledge or skill levels. You usually begin with the Arabic alphabet, then you move on to connecting letters and the harakat, vowel sounds (both short and long), words, the sukoon, the shaddah, and then the sentences in the Quran itself. Rest assured that all the lessons have been expertly designed to aid your understanding and help you to assimilate quickly. With Quran Recital, you can rest assured that you’re in the perfect hands. In little to no time, you’ll be a Quran guru.

Islamic Studies

Apart from building your knowledge of reading and understanding the Quran, we at Quran Recital are also concerned about building you in the faith of Islam. To wit, we provide an effective and encompassing Islamic Studies training module that will help you to grow and become faithful, devout Muslim.

At Quran Recital, we will be taking you through the rudiments of Islam, as well as how to live in good and right standing with Allah. Our tutors will be able to help to make any obscure things clear, and we will also improve your understanding of what Allah says through the Quran.

Our Islamic studies course will take you through Islamic history, from the beginning of times to the point when Prophet Adam (PBUH) came to the Earth to the time when Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) established an Umaah with his companions. The history is a significant part of the education of any Muslim.

Our Islamic history will help you to understand the beauty and fundamentals of Islam. However, it’s also worth keeping in mind that it’s not the only part of the Islamic studies course. Our goal is to ensure that you have all you need to be a bonafide, faithful Muslim, and we’ll do all we can to ensure that you’ve got the right knowledge base to do so.

From Islamic history, however, we go on to cover several other essential aspects of the curse. We will be dissecting several teachings of Allah to provide students with a simple and comprehensive guide to being devout Muslims, and we will also take questions and explain any aspects that the students might find murky in any way.

This way, we will contribute directly to helping you to gain a proper grasp of the teachings of the Quran, thus helping you to grow on all fronts as a Muslim.


If you’re looking to learn Tajweed, then Quran Recitals is another effective platform for you to get that done. Our course will help bring you to a proper understanding of the beauty of Islam, which, as we all know, gors far beyond just getting a knowledgeof the laws of God and the storiesof how He created the Earth.

The Quran is more than the Holy Book of Muslims – it’s also a guide that helps to preserve the richness of the Arabic language. This means that a Muslim who is able to understand more about Arabic will be able to get a stronger understanding of the Arabic language as well as its complete nuances.

One of the most significant aspects of the language is the Tajweed, which helps to share the correct way to pronounce Arabic terms. If you’re able to learn Arabic and read the Quran with Tajweed pronunciation, you will have no issues with articulating the words of Arabic in the right manner.

The Tajweed course has been designed to teach Tajweed, with a special focus on practical and theoretical perspectives. As expected, we will be providing full exercises and tasks to ensure that you’re able to gain a complete understanding of the subject matter.

It’s important to see Tajweed as much more than just a yardstick for dialects. It encompasses various aspects of the Quran, including expression clarity, syllable timing, and how the delivery of a word can be affected by the timing of each individual letter.

In addition, the concept also shows the significance of developing a spiritual and personal connection to the teachings of the Quran. It will help you to understand some of the most significant verses in the Quran, including where we ask for things like wisdom, protection, and guidance. With Tajweed, you’re able to build a strong connection with Allah through His word.

In our Tajweed course, we will focus on how to recite the Quran with more accuracy. Students will be required to be committed and dedicated, of course, as a perfect understanding of Tajweed will be required to understand the complexities of Quranic verses.

An understanding of Tajweed will go a long way in making you a better Muslim.  It is being able to understand the Quran’s message and meaning, especially without any lapses or errors. The ultimate objective is to be able to understand the Quran in a way that mirrors that of Prophet Muhammed.


The Tasfeer is another significant part of Quran understanding and translation. It is the teaching of how to interpret the verses of the Quran, and it can help to develop a clear understanding of the teachings of the Quran.

A lot of the time, most people who fail to understand the teachings of the Quran fail in the sense that they don’t get the true meanings of the Holy Book. There are several aspects of the Quran that come with a deeper meaning, and readers run the risk of taking them literally and missing what the real meanings are.

With our Tasfeer regimen, we can help you to avoid such confusion. We will go deeper into the Quran, rhus helping to make things clearer and put you in a better position to read and understand Allah’s teachings.

With the Tasfeer classes at Quran Recital, we will help you to get a right understanding of Allah’s message. We will also help you to build proper insight into the messages of Allah, thus helping to put you on the right path to life. Gaining the right knowledge of Islam depends significantly on your ability to take the message of the Quran and understand it. That’s what we’re here for.

Our Tasfeer classes have been specially designed for the students who would like to effectively understand the meaning of the verses in the Holy Book. With our classes, we will provide a strong foundation for anyone who’s looking to understand the rules of the Quran and their meaning. As we help to build versatility with the Arabic language, we will also ensure that we mold your grasp of the Quran and Allah’s rules.

It’s worth noting that this course is very essential to anyone who will like to be a devout Muslim. We will take you through education and proper interpretation, thus helping you to have a full knowledge of what is being taught in the Holy Book – which, in turn, will help you to follow Allah’s true commands.

So, you can see that the study of Tasfeer is of utmost significance to the life of any Muslim. We will take you through the incredible insights and in-depth meanings behind some of Allah’s foundational principles, thus helping you to come to an even better understanding of Him and your relationship with Him as a Muslim.

By studying the laws of Allah, you can apply them to your daily life and help to keep your mind clear of any wrong doctrines out there. However, it all begins with being able to understand what the Quran says and applying it to your life. This won’t be possible without a thorough interpretation knowledge, and that’s where Tasfeer comes in handy.