Learn Quranic Arabic Online Courses With Our Qualified Tutors

Under the Quranic Recital, we have started classes to learn Quranic Arabic online courses. In these courses, the Holy Quran is taught in a simple comprehensible translation and brief interpretive manner, with full revision rules.

Below are the courses we will taught to our sisters, adulsts, kids, and female students.

Al Qaidah Al Noraniah – Course For Beginners – includes modern way of teaching the student Arabic from scratch. How to pronounce Arabic alphabet and to read any Arabic text.

Reading Quran with Tajweed – includes recitation Quran like prophet Mohammed and correcting (Makharij) articulation of the Arabic alphabet.

Advanced Recitation Course – includes corrections of letter Articulation and learn how to correct mistakes of others plus studying tajweed as professional. Includes certification.

Tajweed Course – includes all Tajweed rules via 3D charts and latest ways to correct the mistakes of reading

Quran Transliteration – Tafseer – includes the meaning of the verse and the stories and miracles of the Quran

Memorization – includes Quran memorization with plan suits your time and your schedule to revise and memorize

Islamic Studies Course – includes pillars of Islam and fiqh , Aqeedah …etc

Arabic Courses – includes Arabic conversation , Arabic idioms , Arabic writing..etc

You can learn Quranic Arabic online courses with our qualified tutors that will teach you or your children in a friendly environment.