About Us

We want to be a part of your experience of Islam. One of the first tenets in the Quran is “there can be no compulsion in religion.” From this, deciding to become Muslim must come from within, not from some outside force or pressure. Peace does not pressure anyone into anything. Peace comes from spiritual contentment and happiness. Islam, in Arabic, means peace. Many times in our lives, we lose track of the peace inside ourselves. We begin to allow the hectic and frantic life guide us, instead of returning to the center of peace we need to have spiritual contentment. We hope you will allow us to keep a peaceful heart.

We want to show you proper techniques for reciting the Quran. Not because God (Allah in Arabic) would punish you for doing it incorrectly, or others would look down on you if you say something wrong, but when you decide you want to recite the Quran, it’s like playing an instrument in a classical music piece. You want to get each part of it just right so that it moves others from hearing your rendition, as it moved you when you heard it. Refining your skills with reciting helps you to express the Quran in an almost musical way, and with the precision of classical music.

We want to teach you proper pronunciation of Arabic. This goes beyond the Quran, into the study of the structure of the Arabic language itself. Arabic expression varies greatly compared to other languages, and many people get lost due to how the speaker connects ideas in Arabic. We want to help you gain the ability to easily recognize the word structure and relational logic so you don’t have any issue understanding and pronouncing Arabic, no matter if your native language is Russian, English, Chinese, or any one of the rest of the world’s languages.

Let God listen.

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