Online Quran Academies: The Best Way To Learn Quran In Foreign Land

Learning Quran

Migration is increasingly becoming a common practice worldwide. Many Muslim families migrate to non-Muslim countries due to better employment opportunities. Migrated families primarily face two issues.

  • It becomes difficult for parents to access adequate Islamic teaching for their children.
  • For growing children in non-Muslim countries, remaining steadfast in practicing religion also becomes challenging due to a lack of understanding of the Quran.

According to recent studies, Muslim parents in non-Muslim countries disapprove of their children’s unethical behavior, including;

  • Fewer Opportunities: In non-Muslim countries, you cannot find mosques at every corner of the street like in Islamic countries, let alone Quran institutions; this persists to be difficult for Muslim migrants. Foreign schools also do not provide any religious education.
  • Language Barriers: Most migrant families face many barriers due to sudden language change, especially children. They cannot grasp the knowledge if they attend seminars in a language they are not familiar with.

Learning Quran Online Is The Best Solution

You are afraid of non-Islamic surroundings affecting your children psychologically or not finding a good platform for Quran teaching, an online Quran academy such as QuranRecital is the best way to make children learn Quran with complete understanding.

Let’s explore how online Quran academies make the lives of migrated families easy.

  • Access to Quran teachers online in mother tongue: Quran online learning allows you to access qualified, experienced, and certified online Quran teachers in any part of the world who can communicate in your mother tongue, making the whole process easier and meaningful for you.
  • Improved Grasp on Knowledge: Learning Quran from experienced online teachers can improve your child’s knowledge of Islam and develop their character, observing Islam’s core pillars. The private lessons will be more beneficial as there won’t be other students to disrupt the communication, and the child will be able to ask any question confidently.
  • Platform For All Age groups: Online Quran lessons range from beginner’s classes to well-explained Tajweed and Tafseer lectures. Children and adults can revive their knowledge of Islam, learning Arabic in-depth for a clear understanding of the Quran. 
  • Time & Cost-effective: With Quran online lessons, you will be able to access all the wisdom of the Quran from the comfort of your home, saving time and money. There won’t be extra transportation charges, and online services relatively cost lower than classes where students have to be physically present. 
online Quran lessons

Fine-Tune Your Child’s Personality Islamically With QuranRecital

Signing up for academies such as QuranRecital can benefit everyone, no matter which part of the world they reside in. With experienced teachers qualified in the Arabic language and religious studies, you can rest assured that your children will receive the best Quran and Islamic studies that will help them stay connected to their deen.

QuranRecital online Quran lessons involve an in-depth understanding of the intricate Arabic language, along with profound Tajweed and Tafsir lectures.

Learning Quran Is Easy Regardless Of Age or Conditions

learn Quran at any age

“This is the book in which there is guidance sure without doubt for those who believe.”

(Baqarah 2:2)

The divine revelation is the perfect guidebook for our complicated lives; it includes all the fundamental, ethical teachings that will benefit our mortal bodies and souls.

Since the Quran is the absolute depiction of every aspect of a human’s life, learning, and understanding, it becomes necessary, no matter the age or situation. Sometimes factors such as age become an obstacle for Muslims, and they give up hope to learn the word of God. However, age or any factor can never stop you from excelling in gaining knowledge and learning.

You can learn Quran at any age; don’t forget the example of our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The Prophet’s Miracle

The blessed Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him] was an unlettered man who had never acquired the ability to read and write. He (PBUH) was forty-years-old when the first revelation descended through Angel Gabriel. Though he had lived half his life, he strained and worked relentlessly to secure Allah’s words into his heart.

He studied and learned the glorious words from Angel Gabriel and then exhibited the teachings through his actions. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), our role model, teaches us that it is never too late to get on the right path and learn Quran.

You may wonder why Allah gave an uneducated man access to his holy words. The straightforward explanation is that the ability to read and write never determines your capability.

Lessons Learnt From The Quran

Quran encourages people of all ages and tongues (people who are unaware of the beautiful Arabic language) to strive for knowledge. Allah very mercifully considers learners’ hardships and awards them more if they face difficulties in their pronunciation or memorization. The magnificence of the words of Allah is beyond our perception.

Learning Quran brings significant changes to your everyday life and reassures you about the long-lasting afterlife journey. The eloquent words lingering in your mind will engrave their presence in your heart and encourage you to build character, also instilling a genuine connection with Allah in the process.

France’s Anti-Muslim Campaign

Recently, France has displayed some explicitly negative, anti-Muslim sentiments. After a teacher was murdered for showing offensive caricatures of the Prophet (peace be upon him), France is using this situation against Muslims. A French magazine republished the ludicrous images, calling it as exercising ‘freedom of speech.’ Nobody has the right to disrespect the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) or any prophet through such blasphemous methods.

In reality, it is an outright attempt to humiliate the Muslim population and make living conditions difficult for them. In these unfavorable times, where the world wants to point fingers at every Muslim, the Muslim community must not give in, teach their families the word of Allah and learn Quran and focus on building themselves and strengthening their faiths in Allah.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) himself endured years of slander and pain from his tribe, but he persisted with great belief in the one and only. 

Best Online Quran Classes
QuranRecital Is the Way to Learn Quran at Any Age and Place Only the believers with Quran in their hearts will excel the long road of world trials and tribulations and enjoy the glorious afterlife Allah promises.

QuranRecital Is the Way to Learn Quran at Any Age and Place

Only the believers with Quran in their hearts will excel the long road of world trials and tribulations and enjoy the glorious afterlife Allah promises. In today’s day and age, it is easier to access and understand the word of God through online Quran academies such as QuranRecital. The online Quran academy has well-versed and experienced Arabic teachers, providing the best online Quran classes.

If you are in need of a qualified online Quran teacher for your children or you at any age or anywhere in the world, QuranRecital is the online Quran academy to opt for.

Learning Quran Online: The Best Way To Fulfill Obligation & Staying Safe During Covid-19

learning Quran

The novel Covid-19 has made life extremely difficult; leaving home for a job, education, or another purpose has become complicated due to health risks.

Now, as this horrible disease keeps controlling our lives, we can’t let it stop our need to fulfill our obligation of learning Quran. The question is how to learn Quran safely during this pandemic?

Worry not because the safest solution to all your worries is online Quran learning with experienced and certified teachers from the comfort of your home.

How Can Online Learning Help?

Many reasons make Quran online learning the best option for your children during these times. Let’s explore some;

§  Protection

Learning Quran online ticks all the boxes: you feel safe in your home and get to fulfill your obligation with confidence.

Online Quran academies such as QuranRecital offer complete online registration, enrollment, and payment processes with scheduled classes as per the learner’s convenience. You or your children don’t have to get out of the house and risk anything. 

§  Global Access

Online learning helps in many ways. You can easily access any online Quran academy with teachers that fulfill your criteria of qualification. Apart from Quran learning, these Quran online academies also offer different Islamic courses, such as Tafseer courses. All these features make online Quran academy an all-inclusive platform to learn and understand Quran and get close to Allah Almighty regardless of these confusing times.

§  People Of All Ages 

Quran Online learning can bring people of all ages on board. There are various courses for almost every age; beginner’s guides to Arabic for children and more complex Tajweed and Tafsir classes precisely explaining meanings and references of the divine Quran to attain more understanding. You can find all levels of Islamic knowledge on one platform.

§  Saving Money

Covid-19 has been immensely hard on the global economy, so wouldn’t it be great if you could save up more money? With Quran online learning, you can do that there will be no need to spend excessive money on transportation. Not only do you get to eliminate Covid-19 risk, but you also

save up on those hiking petrol prices while physically feeling more comfortable to attend.

learning Quran online Quran learning
learning Quran

Learning Quran Online

To sum up, online Quran learning is more beneficial than going to traditional madrassas for many reasons that are more than just Covid-19.

For example, you can have a one-on-one class with an experienced Arabic teacher, whereas attending lessons in local mosques or seminars are crowded and prove to be less effective for students. Many of the times, questions remain unanswered, and complications arise.

Thus, online Quran learning can be incredibly beneficial for everyone. Parents can assuredly sign their kids up for such courses and then receive regular progress reports.

Fulfill Your Obligation while Staying Safe with QuranRecital 

Understanding the divine revelation is the best source of guidance and assurance. Do not let this pandemic weaken your relation with Allah and gain access to professional Arabic teachers at QuranRecital.

You wish to learn Quran online or are looking for a trusted platform for your kids to learn, with certified teachers at an online Quran academy, you or your children will be able to interpret the profound explanation to each verse, enlightening the wisdom.

Setting with the Quraan more than us!!

Best Online Quran reading Classes For Adults & Kids

Written By Ustatha Maha Salah:

Someone was saying… I stayed more than 3 hours to memorize surat alMutaffefeen, when I complained that, I had this answer: 

How lucky you are!

Setting with the Quraan more than us!!

And maybe Allah has chosen you but you didn’t notice.. it is a rizq..

Hey, Quraan student, it’s ok, don’t feel hopeless, don’t feel sad if you heard the word (Repeat)

Don’t feel helpless while making mistakes for the glory of the words of Allah, who knows, may be Allah gave you a look of satisfying, and rewarded you highly..

Online Quran Classes For Individuals With Special Needs

Understanding and memorizing Quran is the responsibility of every other Muslim. Many Muslim parents seem to teach their kids Quran along with worldly education so that they can succeed on this earth and in the hereafter as well. Since it has become a trend, many Muslims have engaged themselves in the online Arabic Quran and Tafseer classes. However, it is not an easy task for people who suffer from blindness, autism, or down syndrome.

Why People with Special Needs Require Extra Attention During Islamic Learning?

People with autism and Down syndrome have rebellious behavior. People with down syndrome and autism often like to be reserved and do not open up to everybody. Other than that, they might overreact to many situations. These symptoms make it hard for Islamic teachers and scholars to teach them the Quran.

However, many Islamic cultural centers are struggling to teach the Quran to individuals with down syndrome and autism.

Muslim parents from all around the world think that technology and wide use of the internet and smartphones could help their disabled children to learn Quran in the best way possible. Online Quran classes in Arabic are a great way for scholars to teach the Quran in the Arabic language along with its translation.

The online Quran classes have become more popular since the coronavirus outbreak. As mosques are banned all around the world, people are opting to continue their Islamic learning online. online Islamic learning has many benefits even in the normal routine. It saves your time and you do not have to commute to the Islamic center as well.

Commuting with autistic and blind people is quite difficult. That’s why a lot of Muslim families with autistic and blind members opt for online Quran classes.

How Is Quran Taught Online to Individuals with Special Needs?

To teach the Quran right to individuals with special needs, the scholars and cultural centers have the right Quran reciting system. They also teach proper reciting and ablution techniques so that autistic and blind individuals could perform them right.

Other than that, online Quran classes for special needs individuals also require tools for reciting the Quran. The system is usually equipped with a good quality audio system to carry out a smooth recitation of the Quran.

Other than that, the autistic individuals are shown pictorial charts that demonstrate how to perform wudu in steps.

By using the right audio and recitation systems, disabled children can learn about their religion in the right way.

Since the introduction of Online Quran classes, individuals with special needs have shown significant improvement in reciting the Quran and communicating with their teachers.

Islamic Learning Increases Emotional Development in Disabled Individuals

Just like a normal healthy Muslim, the individuals who are blind or have autism got the full right to learn the Quran and the teachings of the Last Prophet. Not only do these classes teach them to have patience but they also have a positive impact on their emotional development.