Important Tips to Memorize Quran

Quran: The Greatest Miracle 

The final Word of Allah SWT, a complete guidebook for this World and the hereafter, is the essence of Quran. It is complete in all aspects and demands that it be followed to the word if one wishes to be successful in both worlds. It was bestowed on the Holy Prophet PBUH in the span of 23 years and in the most beautiful language out there i.e. the Arabic language

Out of all the amazing miracles that the Prophet Muhammad PBUH showed to the world, none is greater than the Quran. No other book, as long as Quran, is half as easy to memorize as it is to learn Quran. They beauty of it lies in how you can do it all yourself without a dedicated Quran teacher, if you’re willing. 

The Benefits of Memorizing Quran

To learn Quran is the easiest shortcut to Allah’s blessings which then leads straight to Jannah. If one has the blessings of Allah SWT, he also excels in this life. He is looked after by Angels and bad tidings are warded off. Things like mental health deterioration are never faced by one who has Quran in in his heart. 

We must all strive to learn Quran, memorize it and apply it in our lives. Especially as it has been so much easier with the advancement of technology. Quran teachers, from all over the World are a click away and there are no more language barriers. You can just as easily learn Quran in Arabic online as you can get access to Quran classes in English! 

Tips and Tricks to Memorizing Quran

Now that you have an idea of the benefits of memorizing Quran, you must be eager to do so. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you in this holy journey. 

Prepare a Secluded Working Space 

The etiquette of reciting and memorizing Quran requires that you give it respect and do it in complete silence and peace of mind. Achieving such an environment is important in determining how effective your learning will be. 

Do Not Over Stress Your Mind

Only memorize a bit less than your comfort level and don’t push yourself too much. That way you will end up not retaining the knowledge. 

Keep Repeating The Verses You Learn

Repetition is the key to memorizing Quran. The verses you learn daily, you should repeat all the time, throughout the day. This way they get committed to memory. 

Utilize New Verses In Namaaz

The 5 times mandatory prayer is a great help in memorizing Quran. Recite the newly memorized verses in Salah to commit them to memory. 

Learn About Islam and It’s Rich History

The Quran is full of parables with references to Islamic events. Memorizing them becomes a lot easier if you know the background. Hence, taking a course of Islamic Studies can be very beneficial in memorizing Quran .

Although taking courses online can come with a small fee, most places offer a free trial so you can gauge how much it is helping you. Quran teachers are the best for Islamic Studies as well.

Is it Worth Learning Quran Online?

The answer to this question is quite simply yes as it is never not worth it to learn The Holy Qur’an through any mean. Learning The Qur’an is a thing of great honor and reverence in our Deen which values any sort of learning as Ibadah (prayer). 

Our Mission in Light of Hadith

In the words of The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), “God, His Angels and  all those in Heavens and Earth, even ants in their hills and fish in the water, call down blessings on those who instruct others in beneficial knowledge”. Following in the footsteps of the Prophet (PBUH) himself, we are dedicated to teaching Quran Arabic online to those who are willing to expand the horizons of their knowledge. 

The Convenience of Learning Quran Online

To learn Quran online is indeed the most efficient way as can be seen from the following points. 

Diversity of Quran Teachers

Learning must be the ultimate goal irrespective of the way the knowledge is gained. It can easily be gauged that to learn Quran online is the most efficient way out there. It comes with the ability to choose from a variety of scholars from all around the World as a Quran teacher. You can not get this liberty in any other way. 

Saves Time 

To learn Quran through the Internet obviously saves times and gives you the liberty to learn whenever it is feasible to you. You do not have to disrupt your entire schedule in making time to learn Quran. 

Saves Money

To waste money is also a grave sin and so choosing a method of learning that ultimately saves money is also beneficial in itself. Although it costs money to learn Quran online but the money you save on transport and fees of the Scholar through other means ultimately surpasses this online fees. Not to mention that since time is money, you’re directly saving money through saving time.

If, however, you’re still hesitant in paying an online fee then don’t worry because most services have online free trial option ready to be availed.

Get a Chance to Look at Quran and Islam In-Depth

As the amount of people you can interact with online far surpasses those around you, you get a more detailed outlook in Deen. Things like getting to know general Islamic Studies based on teachings of Quran, to learn Quran in English or to learn to recite Quran with Tajweed are some of the things that improve when you have access to the knowledge of more than one Quran teacher.

A Much Better Grip on Arabic Language

The Quran can only be understood well if you are eloquent in Arabic. Without learning Quran online, you can only learn from non-native speakers. Online, however, you can learn the Arabic Language from native speakers which has tons of benefits.


Some of the benefits of learning Quran online that are mentioned above leave no doubt as to how effective it can be. The ultimate goal is to learn Quran and at the end of the day, however you choose to do that is beneficial to you. However, if you end up saving time and money while getting a better understanding, it’s a cherry on top! 

Attainment of Inner Peace: How Do Islam and Quran Help? 

Inner Peace

Inner peace is a blissful state of mind in which the person is completely at peace, physically and spirituality, with everything around him and himself. The last part of the previous sentence is the essence of achieving inner peace. Only someone who is completely content with himself can achieve the state of mind that is inner peace.

Islam and Inner Peace

Islam is a complete Deen that not only dictates the afterlife but aptly explains the ways of this world. If followed, it has the potential to bring inner peace to all who seek for it. The concept of inner peace in Islam is so deep-rooted that it reflects clearly in Muslims’ greetings. As-Salam-Alaikum translates to “may Allah SWT bless you with peace”. 

Inner Peace Through Learning Quran

What better way could there be to achieve inner peace than to attain closeness to The Creator Allah SWT. The easiest and best method to do that is to learn Quran and implement its teachings in one’s daily life. With the advent of technology, it is now easier than ever to learn Quran Arabic online or learning to recite Quran with Tajweed and properly. There is not even a language barrier anymore as you can get Quran classes in English, the most widely spoken language out there. Any local scholar can suffice as your Quran teacher but for a truly remarkable experience, it is suggested to find a Quran teacher

teacher who is well-versed in Arabic language. 

It is not completely wrong to say that to learn Quran is to attain inner peace but not completely correct as well. The reason for this is that, just learning it can only take you so far while applying it in your daily life is what propels you to lifelong prosperity. 

Inner Peace Through Remembrance of Allah SWT

Performing zikr and always having the name of Allah SWT on your tongue can go a long way in your quest for inner peace. Verily in the remembrance of our Creator lies in road to salvation and serenity. 

Inner Peace Through Service of Others 

Helping others carries with it a great level of mental satisfaction that is hard to put in to words. With Islam, along with mental satisfaction it also brings a high level of spiritual satisfaction. This is because the Deen of Islam gives great importance to service of others. The word ‘others’ here refers not only to human beings but also all living things. Everything that is a creation of God Almighty deserves love and respect.

Being good to others is rewarded by Allah SWT with tranquility and peace. 

Inner Peace Through Studying Islam’s history

Islam is as old as the world itself. When Prophet Adam AS came to Earth, he brought with him the Deen of Allah SWT. It was formally shaped into Islam with the coming of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Throughout Islam’s history, one finds exemplary behavior of the Prophets PBUH and the Sahaba RA. If one studies their lives, he finds that they were most at peace with themselves. 

A formal education of Islamic Studies can enlighten a man 10 folds in the art of achieving inner peace. Such courses are easily available online for meagre fee or even obtain free trials and proceed further accordingly.