My curiosity pushes me to watch the movie on Saudi Airlines flight from Cairo to Jeddah
I knew that Bilal is the caller’s of prophet Muhammad peace be upon him but at this moment i thought the title of the movie just took the same name but it’s not the biography of Bilal .
Once i played the movie and i see a huge cube i realized it is Bilal the caller of the prayers ,But unfortunately the story which is written by the author wasn’t including the truly facts about hid biography.
My review about that movie is its awesome in the graphics and the story without considering this is a historical Islamic story. 
Unfortunately i wished if the story said the truth , the author ignored totally mentioning the prophet Muhammad and mention the Islam and the new preaching to Islam as it’s a revelation against the unjustified and to stop worship the idols which are not hear or harm .

The author was in love with the Islamic history and Arabic civilization because he used the same names at this era like ummayyah, saffwan, Abu bakr ,Hamza etc,,, except prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.
From the other hand, the author was unfair not just to mention that the revolution for enlighten the hearts of people to not be slave to any one neither in religion nor in ownership, as Bilal was black skinned and he was a slave of ummayyah, and when the prophet preached people to Islam to make the free from slavery and to worship one God. 
The other note i paid attention to it , the movie doesn’t mention to the name of Medinah it just says (the great city) and this city is the city of the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.
Mecca mentioned a couple of times only without referring to it as the huge cube built in mecca built by prophet Ibrahim and his son Ismael peace be upon them. 
The author wrote the scenario with intending to ignore and remove facts from the true story and from the history of the Arabic .

when we study the Quran and the Islamic history or Islamic stories of the messengers and prophets that make us aware to avoid that kind of movies and able to produce accurate fils or documents to reply the lies in this movies.

The importance of studding the Islamic studies that we know more about our religion and we learn from this how to handle the difficulties in our life and to be more aware.

This why Quran Recital is offering online Lessons and classes for Islamic studies for kids to build their Islamic knowledge and to protect them from deceiving and manipulation media.