No Compulsion

Al-Baquera (the Cow) verse 256 it says “There shall be no compulsion in religion;” in words, or by force. Muslims should not proselytize. Muslims should behave in a way that attracts others by radiating the kindness and peace within. I don’t often see or speak the words “no compulsion,” so I want to give a straight definition of what this means.

I found this at Google: compulsion definition. Google tells me there’s two different meanings for compulsion. The first: the action or state of forcing or being forced to do something; constraint. The second: an irresistible urge to behave in a certain way, especially against one’s conscious wishes.

After reading that, I think about the phrases “nobody likes to be pushed around,” and “nobody likes to be told what to do.” It’s true. Bossy know it all personalities repulse people by their behavior. That’s something no Muslim will do.

A Muslim will not use physical force to bend someone’s arm, nor would a Muslim use subversion or intimidation to convince someone to move his arm. A Muslim would not use false kindness or emotional manipulation either.

These thoughts might seem overwhelming, and bring you to question how you should behave. You should be yourself, and let your peace shine through because God does not like deceit, and a hardened heart always reveals itself.

Richard Miller

I don’t like to tell people what my religious preference is. I think that people who walk the path of goodness should be able to recognize each other without labeling each other, by observing the actions of one to the others. I took Shahada about six years ago now.

While I don’t read Quran as much as someone like Nehal, and I do not have it memorized, Nehal says I have the heart of understanding. I believe there’s a code in the Quran, and other texts from God (Christian Bible and Jewish Tanakh) the code reveals itself to allow us to see which path a person follows by listening to what that person quotes from the books. Do they quote about positive things? Or do they quote verses about killing?

If a person from any of the Books of God quotes to you the verses of killing, leave his presence, for he is lead by Shaitain. He may mask himself well, but his heart shows his true nature when he goes to quote from his preferred book of God. Leave him, or he will lead you down a dark road to death.

I believe it is very important to avoid trying to convince people to become Muslim. If their hearts lead them to decide to take Shahada, great. But, it should be without any fears or intimidation. One should not become Muslim to attempt to avoid being targeted by terrorists. Terrorists target Muslims as much as they target other people.

You must understand that when a man crosses over into terrorism, he completely throws away any reward he might get from God for good deeds. You cannot walk the path of peace while holding a gun. In Al-Baquera (the Cow) verse 256 it says “There shall be no compulsion in religion;” in words, or by force. Muslims should not proselytize.

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The Muslims of Thailand overwhelmingly !!

I continue my talk about Thailand, Where I saw many oddities and contradictions
As soon as I arrived at Phuket International Airport I found female police officers wearing headscarves and many of them make you feel that you are in an Islamic country and not Buddhist, because I found Muslim women wearing hijab uniforms and suits them as I saw in Malaysia but I was not surprised at Kuala Lumpur airport to see this because Malaysia is an Islamic country, Thailand is a Buddhist or to be the most accurate expression of the proportion of Buddhists in which a majority of Muslims.

When I arrived at the hotel and met the Thai Muslim driver and saw the mosque in front of the hotel all these were good new-sings brought me to my heart reassured.
Praise be to God for the blessing of Islam and enough grace, when you walk in the streets you see veiled and Koranic schools and hear the ears do not feel that you are in a non-Muslim country you perform your duties in peace.
When we went to James Bond Island on our first day in Thailand he told us that the boat was owned by a Thai Muslim and it was wonderful that the guide who took us in the boat pointed to several things, including a boat for ablution and prayer, Cooked in Thai style, the drinks are all alcohol-free and do not offer any alcohol or alcohol because the boat owner is Muslim.

There is an indescribable feeling when you find a Muslim tourist host from around the world and hold on to the teachings of the religion of Islam, although the boat was carrying other nationalities not only from Egypt but from the United States, Britain, Russia and others.
When the boat lost it to wudu, the cooks found Muslims and mastered preparing the food with the hijab and with their full embrace, although the atmosphere was rather hot due to the heat of the stove where they were frying the fish, which led to the warming of their place. However, they did not wear hijab. Smiling and some of them being great in age.
Muslim vendors find souvenir shops on beaches and islands.
The next day we went to the island of bamboo and the restaurant owner was also a Muslim and put a sign written on it without alcohol and another halal sign.

Coconut oil holds the mark of Thai quality and mark (Halal)

The Central Islamic Committee Of Thailand (CICOT)

The most impressive thing was that once we got to the island they raised the ears of the back and was next to the restaurant chapel for the ladies and men.
How nice to find your religion in a place that is said to be non-Muslim or that Buddhism is predominant, I feel the talk of the media to try to focus on the word Buddhist is the marginalization of the Muslims of Thailand.
The West has always tried to give a bigger picture than its size and what I have seen is that the Islamic religion is spread there and I did not have to hide that I am a Muslim.
On the other hand, I noticed the secretariat of the non-Muslim vendors in the shops, as one of my friends went to ask about the temporary tattoos in the shop and came out to us and led the Thai salute and said for you is not available but the penalty is not available to us you may find it on the beach.
And also in the restaurant we entered and asked the waitress Is there halal food?
I smiled and replied: There is no halal food

To be Continued…….