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This Technic of “blending” Idgham ادغام
An Idghaam is happning when i have noon ن or tanween ً ٍ ٌ before one of those letters “يرملون”
why we do blend or merge the noon sound into the next letter of يرملون ?
because ي ر م ل و ن are so close in their articulations from ن and Arabic people love to speak easily and simple so if you tried to read the two words without blend you will find your tongue in pronunciation is heavier than doing blend
try to read يَكُنْ لَهُ without blend ن into ي
and then read the same two words with blendin by removing ن and go smoothly to ي
tell me what do you find ?
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How To read Al-Ikhlas correctly?

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In this video I’m gonna show you how to avoid common mistakes in surah Alikhlas, shaking end of each letters “vibrato”, Pay attention to the sings on or underneath the letters like كُفُواً faa has ُ “Dammah” so the sound must be fooo , يَكُن لَهُ noon is silent here as it has no vowls or any sign so we skipped it يَكُلَّهُ .
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